About Us

We as a commercial and small business debt recovery company, perceive that your debtors are your clients and therefore we believe in resolving the bad debts collection matters through an approach that is friendly by using proven negotiation techniques. In the event that litigation becomes compulsory our team acts diligently with varied legal options.

Our exclusive team assigned to the client not only closely monitor the bad debt collections, but constantly update with a progress report and status working through different checks and measures.

Our Commercial Debt recovery services includes paying special heed to case study, pre-litigation advice, diplomatic negotiations and frank analysis of the relative risks and rewards of the litigation.

As a debt recovery agency our propositions to debtors is firm but cordial. On receiving a claim, it will be assigned immediately to the dedicated team of a Recovery Attorneys (Lawyers) & other Professionals who are specialists in debt recovery.

How can you retrieve your money cordially, in a hassle free manner with minimum documentation ?

We step into your shoes and walk our path.

There has been a visible increase in non-payment of owed money, for varied reasons depending on failed businesses, the fluctuating economic scenario or just the simple intention of not wanting to return the monies. This is where professional debt collecting agencies step in to resolve and provide debt collection advice to corporates /commercial business’ or individuals through specialized tactics and negotiations .

Debt recovery is a specialized job by itself and it requires trained attorneys, negotiators, liaison officers and experienced coordinators to work for you.