Debt Recovery Process


Our debt management program on Commercial and Personal Debt recovery services takes into consideration

  • Case assessment
  • Pre-litigation advice
  • Friendly discussions
  • Forthright analysis

    Debt advice provided by us to debtors is firm but friendly. Upon receipt of a claim, our debt collection agency will assign immediately to the dedicated team of Recovery Attorneys  & other Professionalsdepending on a case to case basis.

    As debt advisors and commercial debt recovery agency. We comprehend that the debtors could be your clients and therefore we tread softly resolving the bad debts collection matters through diplomatic negotiations, first , by using proven strategies. In the event that litigation becomes necessary we delegate the responsibility to our skilled collection agency attorneys.

    Our expert recovery agents designated to the client will be responsible to monitor bad debt collections and systematically measure the strategies and liaise with the clients on an ongoing basis thereby ensuring that client expectations with regards to their bad debt recovery are met.