Resolution and Recovery


We understand that you share a mutual appreciation with your business partners and that the debtors may have played a significant role in your company so, we as a business debt collection agency endeavor to provide a solution which will initiate payments whilst maintaining cordial relations with your debtors.


When a claim is received, an exclusive team of Specialist in debt management & Accomplished negotiators along with specially trained paralegals and professionals are deployed. The devoted team will professionally deal with the debtor by sending a series of demand letters and notices for payment. They will also meet the debtor in person for a harmonious and empathetic discussion, besides the contact overphone and e-mails.


If continued reminders and attempts to reach a conclusion through negotiations fail, our debt recovery attorneys will pursue with a letter suggesting recommendations for the next step to be taken to bring about an amicable solution.


The 3 step approach initially by our debt recovery agency would be


Telephonic Negotiations & follow up calls

Friendly Letters /notices and Reminders


Legal Negotiation


This includes the following steps:

1. Cordial letters with complete factual description

2. Telephonic discussion & reminder calls

3. E-mails

4. Personal visits

5. Final legal Notice & Rejoinder

6. Complaints including criminal complaints before Regulatory bodies & other Govt. Agencies