Legal Action and Litigation


Associated with the best lawyers in the industry the legal process is initiated through writs of attachment or possessions or motions for the appointment of a receiver and are often prepared, filed & servedsimultaneously with the summons and complaints. With the experience of our debt collection attorneys we have found that the judicious use of these remedies not only exerts sufficient pressure on Debtors to resolve these matters quickly, it also forces the early disclosure of any substantive defenses aseconomically as possible.


If negotiations fails or does not result in immediate recovery or a reasonable payment plan, our debt releif services would recommend a litigation process.

Being an Attorney based debt recovery agency, our in-house legal competency and expertise ensures cost effectiveness and timely delivery with greater success. Debt management company like ours offers customised legal recovery programs to our clients .

Our debt recovery fee structure is very transparent and competitive in terms of legal costs. Before our clients reach the decision to instruct us to issue proceedings, they would have been briefed on the details of the case , assessments , accounts andlikelihood of recovery.


1. Tele-Conference with the client to understand the scenario


2. Measures taken for amicable settlement in a firm and persuasive manner , personally or telephonically.


3. Drafting and serving formal legal notice, if needed.


4. Decision on type of litigation such as Law suits, winding up petitions, Criminal complaint under Section 138 of Negotiable Instruments Act (Dishonor of Cheques), FIR and other criminal actions etc.


5. Preparation of petition, lawsuits or criminal complaints etc.


6. Seeking approval of draft from the client.


7. Filing & representing the appropriate civil &/or criminal proceedings against the debtor, as the case may be.


8. Pursuing the litigation & obtaining the orders from the appropriate judicial courts or quasi judicial authorities.