Skip Tracing Services

Skip Tracing refers to tracing someone who has left town without leaving any whereabouts or someone who just disappeared, often for purposes only known to him/her. In these cases our experienced debt recovery team along with our private investigation team will attempt to locate the person's contact details, current address, and even location in real-time.

In a skip tracing scenario the person being located doesn't wish to be found. We can only turn a person’s location and personal information over to a 3rd party when they have legal basis and necessary approvals for doing so. For ethical as well as legal reasons, Aspira One investigators will not turn personal information over to a client without a sound legal reason for the client to be seeking this person.

The usual skip tracing subjects could be important witnesses for lawyers missing heirs to estates, subjects of legal proceedings who need to be served with court orders, defendants, or an attorney’s client who has failed to appear for a court date, people who have skipped bail, debtors who have defaulted, customers or clients who have failed to pay a business for services rendered.