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A lady to adventure with

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All photos courtesy of Lady Adventures.

The result? A following of fans hungry to see Ozim and Jahn chop wood, swim in lagoons, and a lady to adventure with paddleboard around their home in Florida.

And those tents still come in handy: We both live in old little duplex homes, so space is limited.

We get lazy and leave the camping necessities in our [cars] and cram as much as possible into a tiny storage and utility closet. Our photography gear and electronics adventire safely tucked away in a vintage leather a lady to adventure with that doubles as an end table. We save up for the good stuff and were fortunate enough to get instant gratification by purchasing our Watershot iPhone housings high up on the wish list right at Surf Expo.

Our weapons of choice include a GoPro borrowed indefinitely from a super supportive friendour guns, and antique knives that were passed down to each of us through family and friends.

We always clean and sweep our gear as we use it because we are so tired from going hard adventuring that by the time we get home, we almost never have the energy to unpack the a lady to adventure with. Our collection of Freakers!

We always seem to forget to ldy firewood before we get to our campsite. Luckily, we either hit up some local finds or sweet talk our way into some free wood. Definitely a good tent that will keep out the bugs and rain while letting in a breeze for ventilation.

Since Florida adventures are all about the water, we highly recommend always having a mask and fins, underwater photography gear, and water craft SUP boards, kayaks, canoesand gator floats. Plus, hauling those babies around has worked wonders on our arms and upper a lady to adventure with strength.

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Who needs to lift weights when you can lift boards? The smallest gear we own is our Balm and Company lip balm.

This all-natural SPF lip balm is like butter and we are addicted to the scent of the coconut one, which reminds us of the beach even when we are miles away from the shore. Forty plus. Bikinis, bubbles, and babes!

Hot But Dont Get Hit On

Obviously we are in bikinis all the time but we spend a lot of time adventuring in or around water, and once we get back on dry land we firmly believe we do not need pants! Lady Adventures was created by babes, but we also t been inundated with an downpour of positive vibes a lady to adventure with other adventuring babes, near and far.

Most campsites in Florida are drive-up sites, which means little to no hiking and our adventure mobiles are a huge factor. We are often living out of our cars, and we are so OK with.

Covet the EarthRoamer camper van. The best swimsuits for outdoorswomen.

Car camping extras worth the splurge.