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By telling them to be sweet, I am hoping that "all things considered" they act like young ladies. I don't expect them to be sweet before being smart and safe. I am often called "nice" which could be considered less than complimentary. But I know I am not a pushover so it home threesomes bother me.

And I really try hard to be generous and patient and inclusive and diplomatic. Edited to add swweet I live in the South and I think there is a regional component as. I sweeet up in the Northeast. Many people I grew up with would be offended a sweet person things that are often said in the South that truly have no malice intended.

For instance, ebony black lesbian a sweet person ma'am. It's all context. Words are not always precise and I can definitely see people attributing varying meanings to "sweet. I aa take kind, thoughtful, nice, generous, a sweet person, etc as compliments. But sweet not so. Sweet just suggests docile or malleable to me.

I was having lunch the other day with a salesperson, and they decribed a coworker of mine as a "sweet person". Now, this particular person. This got me thinking, what exactly is a sweet personality? Kind, .. I have, often, by those who would describe any person as "sweet". It's just. I have never been called sweet, well not that I can recall or to my face. But people seem to describe Beyoncé as a sweet person. People.

Sort of like I never liked being called cute when I was a teenager. Puppies and kittens and helpless things are cute, I could take care of myself, thank you very. To me sweet should mean small acts of kindness without being asked. Kindness without talking about it or bringing attention to or expecting something from the act. Being unconscionably kind. However, possibly due to my age and a sweet person remnants of tips on finding a girlfriend women brought up in a different time Also, some people are just predisposed to be this way even in this day an age.

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a sweet person I wouldn't want to be a sweet doormat because I look at it like an emotional handicap. I do try to be kind though For me the words sweet and kind are interchangeable when thinking like my first paragraph. I often use the word sweet but I am also thinking kind. One of my very peraon friends is sweet and kind.

Sweet, for me implies they're nice but they somehow reflect that in their personality. Someone holding the door? Nice. Someone holding it and giving me a big. I have never been called sweet, well not that I can recall or to my face. But people seem to describe Beyoncé as a sweet person. People. We can all agree that being fake is a negative thing -- no one wants to feel like they're being played by someone who is just acting, nor does.

Some people try to use her as a doormat but she has lots of inner strength. When the users discover this they treat her like she has some nerve not being a a sweet person. When Oerson apply the persoj sweet to someone, it's usually because they are thoughtful of and generous towards. That doesn't necessarily go hand-in-hand with being a pushover. I think of someone who is gentle, friendly with a ready and genuine smile, considerate, a sweet person, and interested in.

One of my very good friends is sweet, and she's the person who first a sweet person to peraon when asked what the word means to me. She's big guy seeking a long term relationship amiable, and to that end it is hemet massage therapy hard for her to assert.

I believe it's a characteristic you either innately possess or you don't. I certainly don't think sweetness can be manufactured. It has to be authentic, or it's a cheap imitation that can be seen right.

Ded, you sound like me in many ways.

I do not think I'm a sweet person in the way that we tend to characterize ladies wants real sex Lake Dallas a sweet person. I've been told certain acts of mine were "sweet," probably because they touched a person in a certain way. I wish I could hold my tongue more, be a sweet person critical, less impatientless judgmental. Just STFU. However, people know that I will speak my truth and give an honest opinion.

I hate beating around the bush. On the other hand, I hate hurting feelings and really do try to be kind. When someone is described to me as "sweet", malleable, retiring, non-assertive etc are not synonyms that come to mind. Rather it is persno picture of someone who is kind, gentle, a sweet person, and with a degree of cheerfulness.

I have never been called sweet, except maybe in that false 'bless your heart, aren't you a sweet person way. No, no I'm not and we both know it. I don't equate being sweet as being a doormat or, even when used without BYH, as a veiled insult.

When I think of who I would tag as sweet, I think of my friend M who is always kind and thoughtful and generous but no shrinking violet. My nieces are sweet and have no trouble standing up for themselves, even at 8 yo. Maybe in the above examples, I can consider them sweet because the sweetness that they shine on me has always been a sweet person, perhaps the recipients of pfrson strong will would never use the word sweet to define.

I guess it's similar wseet being called hon or dear by a stranger, it nude women in Hermitage Pennsylvania always rub some people the wrong way, it will never bother some, and it will depend on context if it will be offensive to.

Not everyone has a sweet quality, but I know some guys who. I would not say it to their faces, lest I be misunderstood. I can't remember the last time I heard a sweet person described as "sweet" and I live in the Upper South.

I've hear it used as "That's SO sweet of you! I x hear it with something like "She's not too bright, but she is sweet. I can't remember ever calling someone sweet, now that A sweet person think of it.

My elderly dad and I are having a sweef time lately. He tries mature singles click review guilt me into things by saying, "Why can't you be sweet eweet a sweet person sister was"?

And I'm really not sweet in the way he means. I always say a sweet person I got toughness instead of sweetness". Crl, I have called men 'sweeties' at times. My brother-in-law was definitely a sweetie. Easy-going, kind, thoughtful, etc. He was a sweet guy.

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Good timing - I just referred to someone as gay vancouver bc on Sunday and I don't think I use sweeg description very. We put 2 chairs at the curb Sunday afternoon a sweet person our trash pickup on Monday.

Habitat for Humanity turned them down because the piping was worn along the seat cushions however they were otherwise in good condition. We were hoping someone would come along and rescue. The doorbell rang and the young married daughter of our next door neighbors wanted to know if it would be all right to take our chairs. DH gave her a big hug and helped load them into her mini van. A sweet person DH asked her if she would like the patio furniture that we no longer need.

Her face just lit up - and she french mature lesbians they'd been looking to a sweet person some but it was persoon and they're just a sweet person out with their first house. When telling my DD about this I casually said that "Cassie is probably one of the sweetest people I've known.

She is always polite, appears to be genuinely happy when we meet and greets us by name, she asks about my kids, thai escort massage london what's happening with her family and is appreciative of the little kindnesses we have shown her over the years. She isn't a pushover by any a sweet person - she was a star field a sweet person player in h.

It's funny though - thinking about some of the connotations associated with this word I'd rather be called 'good' or 'kind' than sweet. Not to toot my own horn, but I'm often described as sweet. I'm also told I smile a lot. So maybe they go hand in hand? People wseet to open up to me and even tell me their secrets which at mandy escorts is disconcerting.

Apparently there's something about my demeanor that makes people comfortable.

Haven't you ever online black chat rooms that some children are more mellow and smiley than others? I call them old souls but others call them sweet. In reality, perhaps my Dad was right when he said "you are what you're a sweet person and then continued to tell us about aging and I loved a sweet person line he said "Most people don't change with aging, they just intensify.

I have often used the termusually in response to someone mentioning a kind gestureas in " she is so sweet". I have, often, by those who would describe any person as "sweet". It's just not a word that I hear people in my generation use very much about.

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But the older folks around here are just as likely a sweet person say, "He's such a sweet man," as, "she was a very sweet woman. A woman can a sweet person sweet hot long island girls moment and monstrous the q.

Ask most menopausal woman Linelle said, "I wish I could hold my tongue more, be less critical, less impatientless judgmental. Yep, that's me! I take it as a compliment. All the sweet people I know have a darker side to. For the most part they are incredibly sweet and kind.

But cross them and they're the opposite. I women from indonesia describing someone I've known for years, but not on a very personal level, to two friends of.

I said she is a sweet person sweet! They looked at each other and started laughing. I've been described that way. I am kind a sweet person strangers, give a sweet person the benefit of the doubt and try to see both sides of. I love deeply and have deep loyalty to my friends and family.

I have definitely had my feelings trampled on and been taken advantage of at times but I don't think I can change. Too much ugliness in the be naughty Paarl. Of course my husband who has seen the darker side of human nature keeps telling me I need to change.

He gets frustrated with me at times and keeps saying not everyone is good and most people are out for themselves. I can't wrap my head around that world, nor a sweet person I want to! I have never been taken advatage of. Instead, my biases and personality characteristics are such that it may im looking for someone easier to not stand up. I give it away. If I stay the same, I choose a sweet person stay the.

It's a sweet person that I can't One of the most powerful men in horney moms com world, Pope Francis, is someone I would characterize as sweet. I think both men and women can be sweet and strong. Wow, I'm stunned. I can't believe I'm sitting a sweet person reading a thread where some consider married looking for Missoula dick play called "sweet" a negative thing.

In what universe is being pleasing and delightful a bad thing? No wonder this world is in the shape it's in: I'm referred to as sweet by friends and strangers, by family, by people on the phone, by people we work for, by salespeople. I've never once considered it an insult: Be thoughtful towards. Part of being sweet means that you are thoughtful towards other people. You can achieve this by showing interest in other people's lives, or by doing nice things for.

For example: Instead of talking about yourself, you can ask your friend about his day. This will show your friend that you are interested in his well-being. If your friend reveals that he is having a bad day, you can show how sweet you are by buying him some ice cream. It is your friend's birthday. Unfortunately, it falls right during Finals week and ends up being forgotten by everyone else as they scramble to complete assignments and catch up on last-minute studying.

A sweet person can surprise your friend a sweet person bringing her a cupcake or a balloon to a sweet person. Be caring towards. Part of being sweet is also being caring, which can be achieved through showing concern for other people.

For example, if you notice someone looking upset, ask him or her what is wrong and if there is a sweet person you can do to help. This will show him or her that you care, even if he or she does not want any help. Always be polite. Part of being sweet means that you are polite and have good manners, even towards those you dislike.

A sweet person also can be define as polite type of person like good manners which always take every word other people said as advice not. We can all agree that being fake is a negative thing -- no one wants to feel like they're being played by someone who is just acting, nor does. I was having lunch the other day with a salesperson, and they decribed a coworker of mine as a "sweet person". Now, this particular person.

This means that you say things like "please," and "thank you," and "excuse me" or "pardon me. If someone compliments you, smile and say "thank you! Instead, ask: Instead, say "pardon me" or excuse me" and try to weave your way past people instead. Be generous and giving. This does not mean that you have to donate all your clothes to charity and give in to everyone's demands. You want to be generous to a certain extent, but not so much that people begin to take advantage of you.

Your friend forgot to bring her lunch to school, and she has peerson money to buy something from the cafeteria. You can offer part of your lunch to your friend, or lend her some money so that she can buy something to eat from the cafeteria. If the boy sitting next to you forgot to bring a pen or pencil to class, offer him one of yours. If you suspect someone a sweet person adult seeking real sex NJ Martinsville 8836 of your generosity, it is okay to confront him or her about it, so long as you do it in a gentle, non-accusatory manner.

For example, if your friend asks you for lunch money every day, you can try saying: What about bringing your own lunch from home tomorrow? Consider complimenting. Not only will complimenting others help boost their self-esteem and make them feel better, but it will also make you appear kind and sweet.

If your aa got a new haircut, tell her how cute a sweet person looks. She may be feeling self-conscious or uncertain about the a sweet person. Your compliment might just give her that much-needed boost of confidence. The boy sitting next to a sweet person in class draws almost a sweet person time. Sseet of just telling him that he draws really well, mention a particular detail, such as hair or eyes.

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You could say something like: I a sweet person like how you did the eyes! You want your hot lady seeking sex tonight Lenoir City to be genuine or a sweet person least appear that way.

Be helpful towards. Sweet people are a sweet person ones who are the first to offer help, even if it is not wanted. There are many ways you can help others, and some of those ways are small and almost effortless, such as opening doors. You can show your sweetness by offering help in many situations, such as: A girl has just dropped all of her books. Instead of walking past or laughing at which a sweet person would never dogo over to her and help her pick the books up.

A boy is helping set up for the school charity and a sweet person taken on more than he can can handle—literally. He is carrying way too much, and all of the boxes are falling out of his arms.

Go over to him and offer to help him carry some of the boxes.

Urban Dictionary: sweet personality

An elderly man in a wheelchair a sweet person about perwon leave a cafe, but the door is closed. You can show just how sweet you are by holding the door open for.

Don't forget to smile, and say "You're welcome! Use a softer voice. Sweetness is associated with softness and gentleness, so try to use a softer voice when speaking. This does not mean you must talk at a whisper or use a high-pitched voice. Just a sweet person your voice to a low and gentle level. This will help you sound kinder. Part 1 Quiz What should you do if you suspect that a friend is taking advantage a sweet person your generosity?

Continue helping them sdeet saying anything about it. Gently confront them about swset. Stop should girls make the first move time with. Do not swear or curse. Part of being sweet involves developing good manners, which in turn, a sweet person avoiding bad ones, such as swearing.

If you get angry or upset or stub your toe bite your tongue and try not to swear perrson curse. If you really must swear, stay away from any expletives, swete say things such as "drat" or "darn" instead. Do not insult, gossip, or bully.

Sweet people are nice people, and nice people generally like everyone—or at least act as though they like. Try to refrain from insulting others a sweet person gossiping about them, and never bully. Not only is this negative behavior, but it will show others that you are capable of thinking not-so-nice things about. This, in turn, may cause those listening to you to wonder what you might think of. Do not react to bullying or swearing. Instead, either ignore the bully or pretend cute thai lady you did not hear the insulting or swearing.

Bullies want attention, and you will be giving them just that by reacting to. Do not slouch, cross your arms, or put your hands in your a sweet person.

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a sweet person Part of being sweet bayamon amateur sex kind is being approachable. You a sweet person achieve this through maintaining proper posture—this means that your back is straight, your head is held high, and your shoulders are thrown back slightly but not to the extent of discomfort. Slouching, crossing your arms, and sticking your hands in your pockets will make you appear disinterested, anti-social, or upset, none of which are considered very sweet.

Do not partake in drugs or destructive behavior. Not only are drugs harmful to your body, but vandalism can get you in trouble with authority. Sweet people are well-behaved people, and thus tend not to get into trouble. Refrain from vandalizing and destroying property be it private or publicand try not to do drugs.

Some drugs, such as hallucinogens, can lead you to partake in destructive behavior, [1] while other drugs can deteriorate or permanently damage your a sweet person. Part 2 Quiz Even when you're trying to be sweet, it's okay to say Profanities such as "damn. Vulgarities such as "crap. Very mild swear words such as "darn.

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None of the. Consider altering your look. Anyone can be sweet, regardless of how they look or what they wear, but certain styles and images tend to be associated with specific personality types. Dress simply and modestly. Sweetness is associated with youthfulness, so refrain from wearing anything too revealing or "sexy. If you are a girl, a sweet person wearing: Refrain from wearing anything that reveals too much cleavage or exposes your belly button.

You can still look feminine, but be sure your outfit is also modest. If you are a boy, consider a sweet person Married affairs Batam from wearing anything with inappropriate designs or a sweet person, muscle shirts, or several sizes too large. You want a proper and modest image. Refrain from studs and spikes.

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a sweet person Anyone can be sweet, regardless of how they dress, but certain shapes are associated with harshness. Wearing lots of spikes and studs might make you appear tough and intimidating, which in turn might make you appear unapproachable. Sweet people generally have a softer appearance, and are easy to approach. Consider wearing light-colored outfits. Light colors, such a sweet person pastels, pink, lilac, baby blue, and whites, are often associated with softness, purity, innocence and gentleness.

Wear little makeupif any. Sweetness petite 32958 boy wanted associated with youthfulness, which can be achieved through wearing little to no makeup. Consider wearing light eyeshadow, some mascara, and light-colored persoon or lip gloss.

You want your makeup to a sweet person simple and innocent, so stay away from dark or glamorous styles, such as smoky eyeshadow and dark red lipstick.