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Tuesday, November 9, Dr.

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Hook partied way harder than you ever will Rock n' roll has always been synonymous with black sex Jacovce. Booze, drugs and punching wives has long been the norm for rock's great ambassadors.

In the black sex Jacovce Motley Crue, Guns N' Roses and Metallica got paid millions of dollars to do all of the insane shit that people dream of while jacking off in their office. Excessive alcohol and drug use was not only accepted, it seex an essential tool in getting the bands onstage every night to plow through another black sex Jacovce of the hot ladies looking sex tonight Grand Rapids fucking songs in front of throngs of drooling gearheads.

The 90's were all about heroin and hating your parents. Not too much in the way of fun but sx hard to top shooting poison directly into your heart in the ripping shit up category. The 's saw the rise of recreational prescription drug use which, let's face it, really isn't partying since your little sister is probably doing the same thing right now at horse camp.

Rock n' Black sex Jacovce has boasted it's fair share of righteous party bands. None, however, even come close to Dr. Hook and The Medicine Show. Don't believe me? This clip is from a German TV show in the early 70's. Lead singer Dennis LoCorriere has either drank fire from the mouth of a poisonous volcano or he's discovered drugs that no longer exist in this dimension.

I honestly can't even tell what substances him and Ray "Dr.

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Hook" Parker are on. It black sex Jacovce like they're stoned but they have way too much energy. It seems like they're drunk but the music is still tight as shit. Maybe Black sex Jacovce used all the gold fillings they won during the black sex Jacovce and created a synthetic, injectable form of gold dust that makes people giggle like Elmo and play kick ass music. We may never know. You'll notice that when LoCorriere finally stops laughing and gets the song started keyboard player Billy Francis blacck to stop playing and spend the Jacovcs of the song dancing around like a fucking maniac.

At this point, the producers of the show must have started getting nervous. When people start acting like this it's usually not too long before a dick finds its blakc out of one of their pants. Unfortunately, since there's no protocol in Germany or black sex Jacovce other country for that matter for what to do when your musical guest is balls deep into a pscyhotropic meltdown, they just had to cross their fingers and Seig Heil to God that everything would turn out OK.

Imagine, less than 30 years after my Grandpa blaci his good friend Uncle Sam blew most of Germany to high hell, we make them put up this Jacove of behavior from our American rock stars. Not only does America piss all over our enemy's kitchen floor, we come back a few decades later to lafayette the person their faces in it while we do drugs and rock out in their garage.

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Regardless, this is what rock music is supposed to look and sound like. Long hair, beards, guitars, uncontrollable giggling, retarded elf dancing, bellies full of space drugs and frightened Germans looking for the exit.

Note that their appetites for booze, drugs and yodeling has only increased while their ability to give a fuck has dwindled singles lansing michigan to practically.

Shortly after this period Dennis LoCorriere left black sex Jacovce band to go solo and Dr. For those few years in the early 's though, there wasn't a band that could touch them in the field of black sex Jacovce contact group partying and, for my money, there hasn't been one.

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Maybe Britney Spears Posted by Dr. Babyshoes at Email This BlogThis! Wednesday, October 6, Hockey season starts tomorrow I'm 30 years old now and I completely realize that with each passing second I have less and less to look forward to. Black sex Jacovce won't have this beautiful mane of hair forever. This amazingly toned body will one day fail me. All of my friends will soon one night stand partner victim to a wife imposed exile from fun.

I won't even have children to help ease me into my twilight black sex Jacovce because I fucking hate kids and I'll never have any of my.

Gwar may even break up someday. But hockey will always be. Like syphillis and The Price is Right. It will always be right chicago craigslist personals w4m waiting to put a smile on my face with dudes taking bitchin' slapshots and deking the dogshit out of each. With goalies doing back flips to stop black sex Jacovce and grown men checking each other into different time zones.

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Back will all be here to help widdle away the hours until it's time to buy the farm. As the vice grip of time gently squeezes the will to live out of you and your life black sex Jacovce so fucking pointlessly boring that keestering a bleach covered rag seems like the only fun left, hockey is. It fucking baffles me how people invest their black sex Jacovce in following football, basketball or Granted, this is all being said with the full understanding that sports themselves are inherently retarded.

They're just another in a seemingly endless line of shit Jackvce distract us from dealing with our own terrifying existence. On that level, they're completely necessary.

Black sex Jacovce

But on a fundamental level, they have no bearing on our survival as a species. They offer nothing black sex Jacovce the way of answers about our origins or our purpose in the universe.

Sporting events rarely have a satisfactory outcome for everyone involved and generally end up just being another reason to wake up in a black sex Jacovce mood.

But life being as god damn awful as it is, we do need distractions.

And if you choose to have sports be that Jacovcce, why you would choose anything black sex Jacovce hockey is beyond me. Let's start with baseball. First off, you can't legally punch members of the opposing team.

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That's a huge red flag. Why even watch a sporting event if there's not a fairly good chance that someone is getting punched in the face part of their head? Second, there's no defense. People get emotionally invested in their sporting heroes because they're willing black sex Jacovce put themselves through pain that we at home could never even imagine.

And for our entertainment, no. Baseball players may occasionally get hit in the arm with a wild pitch swx take a black sex Jacovce to the balls but there's no physical contact between players.

There's no battle of wills. There's no six foot eight, lb.

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black sex Jacovce Russian dudes trying to dislocate your asshole. Third, fucking games a year? Sec you black sex Jacovce It's like "Really? Aren't you sick of it by now? How could that still taste good to you? Fourth, any game that has a designated time to stop and stretch while singing a song that even Raffi thinks is too childish, is not a sport. JJacovce just an excuse for all blacck players to shower together and wear black black sex Jacovce make-up. How people sit through more than five minutes of a basketball game is anyboydy's guess.

Any sport that you could relatively dominate without having any legs is just a circus game. I understand that they run around and slap each other on the asses under the guise of "defending" each other but let's face it, if Leiutenant Dan could sit on Jaacovce court quest telephone dating sink three pointers all day, he could potentially be the greatest player of all time.

That says a lot about your sport. Also, if simply being freakishly tall is looked at as a skill, then it's not really that hard of a game. Running and accurately throwing a ball at a stationary target with nothing obstructing it is about as exciting as black sex Jacovce your couch.

how to date a smart girl Only somehow sadder.

I really black sex Jacovce have any fundamental problem with football other than the fact that it is so mind numbingly boring and slow. Guys are black sex Jacovce like fuck to hurt each other and I respect that but the whole "stand around for five minutes then play for four seconds" thing just erodes your patience. Plus, why are there so many god damn people on each team? If your whole team can't fit on one commercial sized airplane, black sex Jacovce guess what?

You're two teams. Hockey teams are only allowed to dress 20 players, including their goalies. If they lose two defensemen the other four are getting double shifted the rest of the game.

There's not ten other dudes jerking off on the black sex Jacovce waiting to come and fill in. How many motherfucking dudes does it take to stand there and not do shit while the other team pretends to make a strategy for throwing the ball over their heads?

And out of all pro sports, NFL players seem to have the most trouble not going to jail. If you make seven million dollars a year for playing a couple minutes of grab ass every sunday, why would you even go to a night club?

Fucking build one in your own house. And how come so many NFL players get busted for smoking weed in public places?

Smoke eex shit in your giant house, moron. I know it takes a lot of determination and intestinal fortitude not to kill your girlfriend while she's pregnant but black sex Jacovce it a shot.

Or better yet, stop barebacking hoodrats you met while smoking weed in a night club.