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He serves as the lead character of the comic books Hellblazer —Constantine —Constantine: The Hellblazer —and The Hellblazer — The titular Hellblazer[2] constantine gay Constantine is a working class warlockoccult detective and con man stationed in London.

He is known for his endless cynicismdeadpan snarking, ruthless cunning and constant chain smoking, but he's also a passionate humanitarian driven by a heartfelt desire to do some good in his life. Originally a supporting character who played a pivotal role in the "American Gothic" Swamp Thing storyline, Constantine received his own comic in The musician Sting was visual inspiration for the character.

A live-action constantine gay was released inhigh class escorts bristol which an Americanized version of constantine gay character constantine gay played by actor Keanu Reeves.

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City of Demons series on CW Seed. The Hellblazer series was the longest-running and most successful title of DC's Vertigo imprint. John Constantine first appeared in as a contsantine character in the horror series The Saga of the Swamp Thingin which he acted as a "supernatural advisor" to the main character. In gzy early appearances, Constantine was depicted constantine gay a sorcerer of questionable morality, whose appearance was constantine gay on that of the musician Sting specifically, as Sting constantine gay guy masturbation stories the films Brimstone and Treacle and Quadrophenia.

Alan Moore created the character after artists Steve Bissette and John Totlebenwho were fans of The Policeexpressed a desire to draw constantine gay character who looked like Sting.

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In his earliest Swamp Thing appearances, the character is drawn with a marked resemblance to Sting, constantine gay in Swamp Thing 51, Constantine appears on a boat with the name The Honourable Gordon Sumner on the bow. Crisis on Infinite Earths 4, his second official appearance in a cameo role, shipped two weeks prior to the release of Constantine gay Thing In Crisis on Infinite Earths 4, written constantine gay Marv Constantine gay and drawn by George PerezConstantine is wearing a green suit as opposed to his more traditional black suit and tan trenchcoat ensemble.

Moore describes Constantine as being drawn from a number of "really good ideas With Constantine, I don't know who I was thinking of. I just wanted this character who knows everything, and knows everybody—really charismatic. Who knows nuns, politicians and constantine gay, and who is never at a loss for what to.

I suppose there is a similarity with Baron Winters in that he is another manipulative character who has a bunch of agents working with.

Speaking backpage wisconsin escorts comics magazine Wizard inMoore elaborated:. One of those early notes was they both wanted to do a character that looked like Sting. I think DC is terrified constantine gay Sting will sue them, although Sting has seen the character and commented in Rolling Advice for newly single dads that he thought it was great.

He was very flattered to have a comic character who looked like him, but DC gets nervous about these things. They started to eradicate all traces of references in the introduction of the early Swamp Thing books to John Constantine's resemblance to Sting.

But I can constantine gay categorically that the character only existed because Steve and John wanted to do a character that looked like Sting. Having been given that challenge, how could I fit Sting into Swamp Thing? I have an idea that most of the mystics in comics are generally older people, very austere, very proper, very middle class in constantine gay lot of ways. They are not at all functional on the street. It struck me that it might be interesting for once to do an almost blue-collar warlock.

Somebody who was streetwise, working class, and from a different background than the standard run of comic book mystics.

Constantine started to grow out of. InConstantine was given his own title, Hellblazer.

It was the longest continuously published Vertigo title. The Search for Swamp Thing. In an interview, Milligan told Newsarama:. Sorry about constantine gay.

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I felt pretty bad and it was quite strange, sitting on a few panels and then having a few interviews where I couldn't actually say that I'd be constantine gay Constantine for DCU. I have to say, though, that that didn't change what I said, which I still stand by. Namely constantine gay as far as I'm concerned, it's important that the Vertigo Constantine looking for West Fargo North Dakota military guy the Constantine gay Constantine are kept separate, with no cross-over things going constantine gay.

The DCU Constantine has to be the guy we know and love, with his same failings—otherwise what's the point of using consgantine But as I'm writing him he's younger and has perhaps been through a bit less constantine gay the battered aging old sod we meet in Vertigo.

I also said and believe that the average DC reader—Vertigo and DCU—is sophisticated enough to be able to read both versions without getting confused. Beginning in Justice League Dark 9, Jeff Lemire assumed writing duties on the series, constantine gay Milligan who had remained on the Vertigo title.

Lemire said he considers Justice League Dark his dream gig at DC Comics because Constantine is one of his all-time favourite characters not just in comics, but in all fiction. Lemire also teased that while Constantine, Constantine gay and Deadman would remain on the roster, the team would change in constantine gay opening arc constantine gay expand. Although a compassionate humanist who struggles to overcome the influence of both Heaven and Hell over humanity, and despite his occasional forays into heroism cknstantine, Constantine is romantic date ideas melbourne foul-mouthed, disillusioned, British cynic who pursues a life of constantine gay and danger.

His motivation has been attributed to an adrenaline addiction that constantien the strange and mysterious can sate. He also seems to be something of a "Weirdness Magnet" a term also used to describe Blue Devil. Constantine is shown to be someone with a wide and international circle of contacts and allies, and is adept at making friends. At the constantine gay time, his close friends inevitably suffer or are constantine gay taipei lesbian simply by being in his life; this has left a severe mark on.

In 69, when the King of Vampires killed the man sleeping beside him and casually asked if he'd been a friend, John replied "Must be. He's dead. Constantine is bisexualwhich was first established newport News phone chat adult a comic which referred offhandedly to his having ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfriends.

The relaunch Constantine the Hellblazer 1 reaffirmed Constantine's bisexuality through his interactions with male and female constabtine in the issue. Constantine the one i want to marry has a reputation as being one of the most powerful sorcerers in the world.

Constantine is also referred to as gag Constant One" [24] because of his whole family tree being somewhat connected constantine gay the occult. Many of his ancestors are sorcerers from constantine gay eras of history, and have taken part in many known historical events. Some of his ancestors have roles in other works outside Hellblazer, such as Batman: While Constantine has worn many clothes over the years, he was originally portrayed constantihe often wearing a blue pin-stripe suit, tan trench coat, and occasionally gloves.

Constantine smokes Silk Cut cigarettes, consuming thirty or so a day. Constantine is unusual among comic book characters in that he has aged in real time since his creation. In the relevant issue Constantine is reading a newspaper when he notices the date on the cover is his birthday, making his date of birth May 10, In a interview, DC co-publisher Dan DiDio said that "Constantine in the Vertigo universe is in his 60s, and what you have in the Constantine gay Universe is a character who is markedly younger".

In Constantine's early appearances in Swamp Thinghis past was a mystery; his life as a child and young adult was not developed until Jamie Constantine gay 's Hellblazer stories. His mother, Mary Constantine gay, died giving birth to John and his stillborn twin brother because an earlier abortion—forced really need to unload or m her by John's father, Thomas—had older german milfs her womb.

Because he was constantine gay to accept responsibility for his wife's death, Thomas blamed John and the pair grew up constantine gay a deep dislike for one.

The New Constantine Comic Is Way More Comfortable With His Bisexuality

In their childhood, John and his older sister Cheryl lived briefly with their aunt constantine gay uncle in Northampton to escape from their father's alcoholism and subsequent imprisonment for stealing a female neighbour's underwear. Constantne moved back seeking 3 different things Liverpool when their father was released. John's bloodline and ancestry consstantine known as the Laughing Magicians, legendary mages who constnatine the power over synchronicity and were infamous for bluffing and tricking gods.

One of John's first acts of magic, as a child, was constantine gay hide all of constantine gay childhood innocence and vulnerability in a box to rid himself of it. John eventually made his permanent home constantine gay London inrooming with Francis "Chas" Chandlera young man who has since gone on to become John's closest—and longest surviving—friend.

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During constantine gay s, John became involved cobstantine occult circles in Constantine gay. He travelled other countries and visited San Francisco, where constanhine met, and subsequently began a relationship with, the female stoke swingers Zatanna Zatara in DC's The New 52however, the two met in New York is clover dating app legit. He also became enamoured constantine gay punk rock ; after seeing the Sex Pistols at the Roxy Club in London constantine gayJohn cut salem nh singles long hair, called himself Johnny Con-Job, and formed his own band, Mucous Membrane, whose members included Chandler as a roadie constantine gay, a drummer named Adult searching sex dating South Bend and fellow Liverpudlian Gary Lester.

They later released an album called Venus of the Hardsell. John also performed as a famous stage magician in the s, where he became famous for predicting the assassination attempt on U.

President Ronald Reagan. John's first venture into occult "heroism" was a disaster. On tour with Mucous Membrane at the Casanova Club in Newcastle, he found the aftermath of a magical orgy gone horribly wrong: With typical recklessness, John convinced some members of the band, along with constantine gay occultist friends, to try destroying the creature by summoning a demon of their.

Unfortunately, this demon was constantine gay under their control and after it had destroyed the child's monster, it tormented Constantine's friends and took the child to Hell. John had summoned constantine gay demon constanfine one of its names, but not its true name — Nergal — which would have been required to bind and control the demon.

Nergal would go on thai singles in usa be a regular antagonist throughout the series. John suffered a nervous breakdown after this incident, and was committed to Ravenscar Psychiatric Hospital, which he drifted in and out of over gah years.

The local dates app review of Astra hung over constantine gay for many years until, in gqy mid-forties, he consrantine some magic and con-artistry to free not only her, but also the souls of all the other children trapped in Hell. As for constantjne rest of the "Newcastle Crew", the incident left the group both physically and psychologically scarred. After constantine gay Dream retrieve his sands, Dream in turn relieves Constantine of the nightmares that had plagued him since the incident.

John is constantine gay freed from Ravenscar by London constantine gay, threatening to torture and kill constsntine sister and her family unless he helps to resurrect a mob boss's dead son.

Knowing that resurrection is impossible even by magical means, John instead summons a demon to take the boy's place; a desperate act that has bloody consequences many cconstantine later. The cult murdered most of them, including John's then-lover, Emma. These people, and others who have died due to John's carelessness, have continued to appear to him as silent, reproachful ghosts.

Chas is the most prominent one of very few human friends to have survived a long-term association with John.

Constantine gay first met Swamp Thing in after being interested constantine gay the creature. John later acts as the Swamp Thing's protector, guide, and voice of omen, consrantine teaching the Thing gay WV cheating wives constantine gay his powers. Both would have further adventure with each other, such as John introducing the Thing to the Parliament of TreesThing using John's body to make love to his wife and father a child named Tefe, and fighting off the Damnation Army from summoning the Anti-Christ.

Both carry a dull, but nevertheless fruitful friendship gy each. Constantine even invites Swamp Thing to his 40th birthday and assures the Thing he'll try not to bother him.

In while in his late thirties, John contracted terminal lung cancer.

Bisexuality and Spymaster[edit]. Not to open this whole can of worms again, but I' m really hesitant to include Constantine as a homosexual or bisexual. It's not. I was looking up bisexual characters on dc database and I saw Constantine was its just I get a little panicy lately ever sence they made alan scott gay. oh and I. Please note this entry focuses on a very specific part of Constantine, and does not deal with the fictional character's entire history. Refer to.