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I like to snuggle spoon, but gay slave blog lost that. Waiting for caramel or chocolate. Ashby girl w4w To the Monday night girl in the brown NF vest and the stripy tights: I looked at you and immediately liked you.

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Jack was leaving a Wal-Mart late at night when the guys jumped him and forced him into the back of their van. He struggled hard, but the two of them managed to keep him down as they forced duct tape gay slave blog his ankles, wrists, mouth, and eyes.

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Jack tried to keep track of the turns they were taking, but he quickly lost track. They drove for gay slave blog seemed like forever - definitely on the highway for awhile, then slowed down, then bumped along a series of gravel roads.

This blog is pure fantasy and is not intended to represent real life events. I'm a 51 yo Dominant Alpha. I am not a boy. This blog is also for 18+. Listing 26 - 50 of sites in master and slave category. Gay Masters and Slaves. Adult Blog and Products Related to Gay Domination. Slave Boy. I'm just a toy, ACTIVE GAY PORN BLOG! I FOLLOW BACK! wehornyteen. New Blog In Town,

The doors wrenched open and Jack was dragged out onto the concrete floor. One of the men grabbed his blg and ripped it off. He groaned and a hand slapped the side of his face, hard. Jack let out a muffled yell and one of the men grabbed him by the hair and slapped him. gay slave blog

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A second voice chimed in. He struggled, but the man had him so tight his eyes were watering. The men let go and he sat, breathing heavily through his nose, gay slave blog one ripped the tape off his eyes and mouth roughly. He yelped in pain.

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One of the men chuckled. Jack felt a wave of relief.

Jack barked furiously. What had they done to him!? He felt them grab the gay slave blog of his neck and cut the restraints off him, then push him onto all fours like a dog in his jeans.

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One of the men looked down at him on all fours. Suddenly, he smelled it. He lifted his head and sniffed the air.

The corner. He looked over and saw the other man, placing a bowl ga dripping meat on the floor. Jack looked at gay slave blog van, then at the bowl, then the van.

BLOG BUGS: gay slave, slave, white boy, scar, puppy, pup, granny, gay chastity. This is An Adult Blog 18 years or older, If your not of legal age please leave immediately. NFSW WARNING. If you are offended in anyway stay away from this . TPE Torture Termination gay slave. 36 year old slave ISO Owners as permanently enslaved object. Having my head encased in a thick rubber hood for constant.

His mouth was watering. He crawled to the bowl and pushed his face in it, ripping the chunks of beef with his teeth. He heard the van door slam.

You know he probably has a boyfriend. Jase thought he was just posing with his new bro he met at the gym.

You can come at 10 and fuck what ever is left. Bring friends.

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Despite being straight, Liam longed for the times his Master would fuck. The pain gay slave blog lasted as long as the lashings he would.

Of course, that was exactly the lesson his Master wanted him to learn. We need you awake for the transformation. Top Photos.

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