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I love pale Freestone California skin

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Plant varieties ordered from Dave Wilson Nursery for McIntosh-type apple for hot summer climates. Heavy bearing tree. Early fall harvest.

Good pollenizer for Mutsu, Gravenstein, Winesap, Jonagold. USDA Zones Sweet, very crisp and flavorful, excellent keeper. Dull reddish orange skin, sometimes russeted. Ripe mid-September.

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Excellent pollenizer for other apple varieties. Low chilling requirement — less than hours.

I love pale Freestone California skin Seeking Real Sex

Gala Apple Wonderful dessert apple from New Zealand. Crisp, nice blend of sweetness and tartness, rich flavor. Loev reddish orange over yellow. Early harvest, 2 — 3 weeks before Red Delicious.

I love pale Freestone California skin

Good pollenizer for other varieties. Adapted to cold- and warm-winter climates. Chilling requirement less than hours. Golden Delicious Apple Long-time favorite for its sweetness and flavor. Reliable producer, adapted to many climates. Pollenizer for Red Delicious.

Siin harvest September in Central CA. Large, late, green, all-purpose. Crisp, tart, excellent keeper. Requires long summer. Thrives in hot climates. Prolonged bloom: Gravenstein Apple Famous for sauce and baking, also used fresh. I love pale Freestone California skin bloom, early harvest. Pollenizer required: Empire, Fuji, Gala, Red Delicious. Not a pollenizer for other varieties. Honeycrisp Apple Winter hardy tree from the University of Minnesota.

Fruit is crisp and juicy with an aromatic flavor. Striped red over yellow color.

Stores. Ripens mid-August. Very crisp, sweet tart, distinct flavor, Calkfornia keeper. Skin reddish pink i love pale Freestone California skin green when ripe. White flesh resists browning. Red Gravenstein Apple Famous for sauce and baking, also used fresh.

Green with red stripes. Yellow with red blush, rich sprightly flavor, i love pale Freestone California skin sweet. Excellent fresh or cooked. Good keeper. Harcot Apricot From Californla. Frost big brother escort late bloom.

Resists brown rot and perennial canker. Medium to large fruit ripens early to mid-June in Central CA. Sweet, juicy, rich flavor one of the best. Tomcot Aprico t A consistently productive apricot variety. Large, orange fruit with firm, sweet flesh. Slightly tart, online free lesbian chat apricot flavor. Early harvest, 2 — 3 weeks before Wenatchee Moorpark. Originated at Prosser, WA, introduced in Partly self-fruitful, largest crops if cross-pollenized by another pqle.

Ripens late July-early August at Hickman, California. Self-fruitful, chilling requirement hours or. Best in zones Easy to grow.


Bareroot Order « Star Gardens Nursery

Bright yellow skin. Vigorous, heavy bearing usually by 2nd year. Bing Cherry Large, firm, juicy, sweet, nearly black when ripe. Superb flavor, the No. Large vigorous tree.

Also Stella in colder climates. Black Tartarian Cherry Medium-sized, nearly black, sprightly flavor, early season. Vigorous, productive tree. Pollenizer required i love pale Freestone California skin interfruitful with all popular sweet cherries.

Self-fruitful, natural semi-dwarf sweet cherry.

Dark red to nearly black, medium to large size, wonderful spicy flavor, very firm texture. Harvest begins early.

English Morello Sour Cherry Late-ripening tart cherry for cooking, sometimes eaten fresh when fully ripe. Dark red to nearly black fruit with dark juice. Small, round-headed tree with Califkrnia branches easy to harvest.

European origins obscure, introduced to America prior to Lapins Cherry Self-fruitful, dark red sweet cherry from Canada.

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Large, firm, good flavor. Similar to Van in color, Bing in shape. Rainier Cherry Large, yellow with red blush.

Sweet and flavorful. Very cold hardy. Midseason harvest. Stella Cherry Self-fruitful — no pollenizer needed. Large, nearly black, richly flavored sweet cherry similar to its parent, Lambert. Late harvest. Pollinates Bing, except in mild winter climates. Utah I love pale Freestone California skin Cherry The industry favorite sweet cherry in Utah. Larger, firmer, more flavorful than Bing or Lambert.

Good canner. Does not double. Bing, Lambert, Rainier, Van. Van Cherry Very cold paoe, reliable, heavy bearing. Fine fruit similar to Bing, though usually smaller. Black Mission Fig The industry standard. Purplish-black skin, strawberry-colored flesh, rich flavor. Heavy bearing, long-lived, large tree. Fresetone or inland.