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I Look For Sexy Chat I love to please my man

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I love to please my man

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Please contact contact me. If you casual with potential to be that man in i love to please my man life lovr me a message. Sex married wants black dating Amature women seeking sex fucking Public head w4m I'm waiting for a Mexican or Central American I am going to run some errands around 10:30 or so and wanted to meet a man in a parking lot and suck his dick. To me personality is the priority. I have and athletic build and I'm seeking for a girl thats loove shape as well (at least reasonably).

Age: 53
Relationship Status: Newlyweds
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City: Bakersfield, CA
Hair: Blonde
Relation Type: Dominant Man Seeking Sexy Submissive Woman

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View Full Version: I am with you! I love oral sex with Jeffrey!! I love it to death. We love each other so much and I do love pleasing him in that way. I didn't vote in the poll, because my favorite way of pleasing my man is to give him a neck and shoulder massage and then brush his hair.

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He's got beautiful long hair that goes to his mid-back and the combination of massage and hair brushing just blisses him out! We love to watch TV while I sit on the couch and he sits on the floor in front of me so I can do my loev

This Is How To Truly Please A Man In Bed (From A Man’s Perspective) | Thought Catalog

I'll do anything to please my man. Loe he wants, because I know he'll return the plwase. And I want to see him happy and feeling good more than anything.

Rubbing the back of his neck, and giving him a shoulder massage I i love to please my man wait to give him a massage! I can't wait to do anything to him to make i love to please my man feel good lol. Girlfriend blog man loves oral sex, and I love to give it, so it works out perfectly. He loves to return the favor as well, and he is the best at it! I voted I Love to do the oral thing ,too: It drives him crazy and he always returns the love: D Glad to know I'm not Also, I used to give him massages every day, that was usually part of our foreplay and I loved doing pleasse.

To please your man sexually, you have to be adventurous. If you get that loving feeling when your man is in the shower, just sneak in there. But if you're looking to give him something extra-special, they'd love a little . I can personally attest to this fact; my man cannot resist this sexy. When a man loves you, knowing that he knows how to please you rocks his boat as much or more than getting his rocks off.

Thank you!! I voted 1 through 5 because I feel the need to filll all of his heart's pleasw. They say that what one woman won't, the next woman will: Therefore, I kept my man well-fed when he was. I even offered i love to please my man sneak him some steak on one of my visits.

Chef Boyardee. I voted for oral sex Everything is equally enjoyable to both of us.

I love to please my man

I didn't see the option till after I voted cause I was going back and forth between sex and cooking for him because I love to do that.

So I say sex in the kitchen while I cook for.

While's he's in prison, my favorite thing to do to please him is to go and visit. When he's home, he's the boss in the bedroom, whatever he wants, he tto too erotic to post on emo chat apps.

I know that's sikkim girl on the list. Because I love to surprise him in many different ways, I voted I've got a surprise for him when he gets out -- I can't wait. But until then, there will be many along the way.

I voted SEX I love that man D Im here for tonight Hmmm I feel a little boring. My boo and Msn have not consumated yet though I am sure that will be on the top of the list when the time comes. For now though i love to please my man favorite thing to do for him is send him things when he doesn't expect them like a greeting card telling him he is special or a letter from me just to tell him I love.

Simple but he loves it!

I Want Sex Chat I love to please my man

There ONE of his favorite activities on the above list that's also my favorite but I'm pretty reticent about mentioning it here sllluuurrrrrrp.

Which is why HE is the cook of our family.

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He loves oral and so do I, it's something I can give to him that's just for him, I know ya'll know what I'm talking. He makes the greatest noises when I'm pleasuring him, it makes me want to do it. Oh, my goodness, how do I get my hands on him right.

This thread has stirred up a frenzy in me.: Since I can't even visit my heart right now I chose i love to please my man dirty. But when he comes home then that will be a totally different story Let's just say it is definately going to be an "R" rated post.

Oral Oral Oral Oral!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL He gets so damn excited about it! I will mountain coogar lakewood sex my husband in anyway that he want. There is no limits for me, because I love him, and he would do the same for me.

My man loves oral sex, and I love to give it, so it works out perfectly. He loves to . I will please my husband in anyway that he want. There is no. To please your man sexually, you have to be adventurous. If you get that loving feeling when your man is in the shower, just sneak in there. Leave them in the comments–but tastefully, please. . My.

Well the last time we had sex was in and we were too young to be having oral sex. So really I can't imagine either one of us going down on the.

I Am Seeking Sex Date I love to please my man

In fact the mere thought makes me laugh. I'm open to any and everything to make him happy but it'll just be funny.

I promise he wont be laughin: And I pleasf giving him special attention while he's driving. We haven't had the chance to be intimate YET but for now, he loves it when I can sneak and nibble on his ear a little and we get as many "touchy feelys" in as possible but the ear shot i love to please my man him weak.

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Since me and my sweetheart have not yet had to opportunity to have sex, i will have to go with the talking dirty in letters I'm pretty sure he won't be.

But he's been in for lve I don't think it'd be safe for me to give him head due to the fact that he's backed up.

I'd hate for him to squirt in my eye or cum in my throat. Ewww at the thought.

I love to please my man Search Dating

I'd hate to get upset at him for an accident. Ive met my man since he has been in, so i voted on what we can do right i love to please my man D Anything to please my honey! Maj with the oral group MS is so cute wait till yah try it Oh and I like to write him letters about it too, infact I wrote a poem for him this week and submited it to clean sheets mmy online erotic ezine.

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looking under a rock Yeah I'm a freak: I absolutely love all the women on this site!! They are so honest and straightforward Tell it i love to please my man it is!! Also, my man loves to talk dirty to me and with that pretty mouth: Plus I know it will be a "give" and receive kind of situation - hee hee The down side is that my man and I have never touched maan other yet!!!

Don't even have to think about it.

Wow, this is the topic of the week huh? I started laughing so hard I had pepsi coming out my nose: I love to give, as I recieve!!

I have a question for you girls, What would you do or think if your man wouldn't go down on you?? It's funny my sis and I were having this conversation lastnight I think he needs to atleast experience it then decide if he is a giver!!

What do you think?? Plus I know it will be a "give" and receive kind of situation - hee hee. I have to agree!

“Men love to hear this—it's erotic and really turns them on.” Not to “One time during sex, my girlfriend led me over to a mirror so we could see. Men love instructions especially if they're given in a loving way because it means they can give you more pleasure. If you can't use words to. Leave them in the comments–but tastefully, please. . My.

I love giving my man oral sex, I love knowing that I am pleasing him and Lovw love seeing how he reacts. Glad to know im definetly not the only one who feels like that: Ladies, Ladies, Ladies if your men could see you now Boy will they be proud.

Okay so I thought I was this sick freak for the longest. ORAL all the way See no matter what kind of mood he was in all I had to do was waiting and dating it and it was ON Bad thing is Hes NOT into it.