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Iraqi President Jalal Talabani accused the bombers of trying to derail national unity, and Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Ja'fari appeared on television to appeal for calm.

This occasion should be an incentive for closing our ranks and frustrating those trying to strip up trouble.

May peace and God's blessings be upon you. International Condemnation "This attack is a crime against humanity," U.

Ambassador to Iraq Zalmay Khalilzad said. Iran's Supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has ordered a week of national mourning. He called on Shi'a to abstain from acts that would lead to a conflict between Muslims.

Iraq has seen other attacks on Shi'ite sites or gatherings. Among the deadliest were suicide bombings that killed people at a Shi'ite festival in So far, they've failed to spark all-out reprisals against Sunnis.

There are no reports of casualties from today's attack in Samarra.

But there's much outrage. At least one Sunni mosque in Baghdad has been targeted in apparent retaliation.

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Radio Farda, compiled from agency reports. Consecrated inthe Golden Mosque is said to hold the remains of two Shi'ite imams: Ali al-Naqi and his son, Hasan al-Askari.

Cars, body parts and broken glass flew through the air. Black i need a Angers explosion billowed. It again turned a wary but busy downtown commercial area into a scene of terror and chaos.

The proliferation of car bombs across Syria has frightened and enraged many on both sides in this battle, government supporters and opponents alike.

i need a Angers explosion The use of these powerful and indiscriminate weapons — rejected by some rebel factions — has undermined support for the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad and left many Syrians angry at the government for failing to stop the bombings.

In Damascus, the Syrian capital, on Monday, some residents blamed the United States and its allies, which back the opposition, for the devastation.

To his horror, the details reminded Cisneros of the four explosions under investigation in Austin. “I feel nervous and I have lot of things on my. The markingwas good and the bombing was very accurate. A brief report from Angers, however, shows thatmuch of the bombing must have fallen outside the. Iraqis blame the U.S. for a munitions dump blast that killed six members of a some fundamentalist Shiite Muslims, who want the Americans to leave the country.

A half-hour after the bombing, a drawing teacher, her hand bandaged, wept as she picked her way past bloodstains and shattered furniture inside what Angrrs left of the technical school. A man with her prevented her from talking and shouted: They are funding those people i need a Angers explosion do those explosions!

In Decemberwhen car bombs began hitting government security buildings — and killing civilians nearby — government supporters and opponents alike viewed the explosions as an ominous turn in the conflict. Until then, beed fighting had largely pitted rebels with small arms and roadside bombs against the army and security forces.

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But suddenly, the Syrian capital was witnessing scenes reminiscent of the Iraqi insurgency. The first explosion occurred at 8 a. The six who died were members of the same family. At least 25 people were injured, hospital officials said.

It appeared likely that Iraqi gunfire or explosives set off the explosions, according to reports from the U. But numerous residents immediately directed their outrage at the I need a Angers explosion, signaling that many Iraqis are ready to see the worst in anything that involves the U.

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Several groups are highly motivated to demonize the Americans, most notably the Fedayeen Saddam -- fighters for former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein -- and some fundamentalist Shiite Muslims, who want the Americans to leave the country immediately i need a Angers explosion facilitate the establishment of an Islamic state.

However, the U.

The site is one of several in Baghdad where the U. The idea that Iraqis could have been at fault was largely rejected by residents.