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I make this jaanese as a prelude to my next: Haru, a new japanese girl in Reno at Longley Lane and McCarran Boulevard in Japnese Reno, expertly renders this Japanese version of fried chicken — japanese girl in Reno chunks of thigh juicy, lightly seasoned and robed in hot, crisp coating.

Haru belongs to a handful of Reno restaurants Kauboi Izakaya and Uchi Ramen are two others offering dishes Japanese people would call their. Notice I didn't say the dishes are "authentic.

She's a San Francisco native and grew up eating Japanese at home and japanwse the city's ramen shops and restaurants. Haru means "spring" or "springtime" in Japanese.

A painted cherry blossom tree in bloom, a symbol of Japan, frames the entrance to the restaurant. Blond wood tables and shoji screens populate the dining room.

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The small menu runs to ramen japanese girl in Reno stylesdonburi rice bowls four againand more than a dozen yakitori skewers both traditional chicken gizzard and "school of" bacon asparagus, rib-eye with chimichurri. We watch Renl cook grill negima skewers threaded with chicken thigh and green onion before placing the skewers on the pass.

The negima are brushed with a soy and mirin reduction that might be too delicate; we can't decide. Japanese girl in Reno gyudon rice bowl features shaved beef sirloin that's been simmered in a communion of dashi, soy and mirin.

This classic sauce lends the dish a mild sweetness that flavors the jalanese until the last grains.

Tonkotsu pork stock and black mayu oil form the undercarriage of the kuro ramen, or black ramen. Japanese girl in Reno is made by blackening garlic in oil, and a submissive gay of the oil sits atop the broth, endowing it with a toasty appeal. The gitl of ramen comes down to personal preference and house style, but even taking that into account, the kuro ramen at Haru needs salt.

It can't succeed on garlic and smoke.

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There's much more yakitori to be un-skewered, more donburi to try, more ramen to slurp, and an Umami IPA brewed with bonito flakes that looks to be worth a sip. Johnathan L.

Welcome, Haru. Reno needs your real Japanese food Johnathan L.

Wright Reno Gazette Journal. The kitchen at Haru restaurant in South Reno expertly prepares karaage Japanese fried chicken.

Haru restaurant in South Reno offers more than a dozen yakitori skewers, including this negima style threaded with chicken thighs and green onion. A gyudon rice bowl at Haru Japanese restaurant in South Reno features shaved beef sirloin simmered in dashi japanese girl in Reno soy sauce. At Haru restaurant in South Japanes, the kuro ramen, or black ramen, is flavored by blackened garlic oil.