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Lesbian asslicking stories

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Someone that enjoys a females perspective on matters, just as I enjoy a males perspective. Oh and Happy Early Birthday No strings, just great sex. Brad Pitts age.

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It had been a good night. Although I generally dislike being the third wheel, I usually enjoy going lesbian asslicking stories with my roommate Kyle and his girlfriend Shannon. We always have fun, even if we do tend to drink a little too much and this night was no exception.

We all knew the asslicling to lesbian asslicking stories question, as Kyle had already puked twice since we left the cottaging sex stories.

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In fact, it looked lesbian asslicking stories number three was on its way. As soon as I opened the door, Kyle pushed past me, holding his hand over his mouth and charging straight for the bathroom.

Me and Shannon exchanged amused looks as my roommate could be heard puking his guts out in our bathroom. I just shook my head. Shannon was always trying to hook me up with girls on our little outings, but for asslickin most part I end up talking to. It lesbian asslicking stories like she was just one of the guys.

I could talk to her about anything, which lesbian asslicking stories more than I could say for most females. She lesbkan.

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Shannon dropped onto the couch as I went to the fridge. I knew he was out for the night. A few minutes later Shannon and I were sitting on the living room floor around a Scrabble board, each with a glass of wine. She had always been kind of lesbian asslicking stories flirt, although she was being especially flirty that night, with plenty of sexual innuendos.

I had always been attracted to Shannon, although I had golden massage thousand oaks even thought about making a move on. With her light brown hair and glowing green eyes, she could enchant any man. Her perfect facial features were complimented by lesbian asslicking stories firm, athletic but petite body that I was beginning lesbian asslicking stories fantasize about having pressed up against me.

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Her figure was exemplified by her choice of clothing that night. As if to torture me, and any other heterosexual male that laid eyes on her, she was wearing a pair of those tight black yoga pants lesbian asslicking stories all the young women seem to have these days.

The pants were sitting low enough on her hips to allow a few glimpses of T-bar and a bit of tanned midsection. The pants prostitute in birmingham complimented by a matching top that showcased her modest, but firm breasts.

About three glasses of wine later, Shannon was severely kicking my ass. Lesbian asslicking stories looked down at her as she lay on her lesbian asslicking stories with her head in her hand, studying her game pieces, looking cuter every minute. Shannon looked at the word I had just formed and then rolled over, her nubile young body, shaking with laughter. I was starting to get very turned on, so I decided to change the subject. Shannon let the lesbian asslicking stories drop as well and we continued with our game.

I shuffled over to her as she stood with her hands on her hips and a superior look on her beautiful face. I did as I was told, dropping to my knees before.

Lesbian asslicking stories

Shannon let out a giggle as she turned around presenting me with her delicious hind section. Slowly, Milf in Bellevue to fuck moved my mouth towards it, willing lesbian asslicking stories able to offer a kiss.

She looked back over her shoulder smiling as she tucked her thumbs into the waistband of her pants and slowly peeled them down her firm, tanned ass. I swallowed hard as my dick began to grow lesbian asslicking stories the site before me. Her ass was flawless. Two tanned globes of succulent flesh seperated by a very thin strip of silky black fabric that was tucked firmly between her firm cheeks.

I lesbian asslicking stories barely tear my eyes away to look up at her her smiling face, which had a few strands of hair dangling in front of her sexy green eyes. With that, I leaned in and pressed my lips against her smooth skin, letting them linger for just a few seconds before pulling away.

I leaned in and kissed her again, this time closer to the tiny strip of fabric of her g-string. I let my lips touch her skin longer, even daring to let my tongue contact her tasty skin. I could hear her moaning softly. My eyes widened and my dick grew another inch as Shannon reached back and pulled her skimpy underwear out of her ass, exposing herself fully to my view.

I struggled to contain lesbian asslicking stories as my grip tightened lesbian asslicking stories her small hips. She gently pried apart her taut cheeks and I moved in. Lick it! I needed no prompting as I enclosed her hole with my lips, pressing my tongue hard against the most private area on her body. I started to lick up and down, swabbing her asshole with long wet strokes as lesbian asslicking stories put her hand between her legs.

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stofies That was good enough for me and I increased the intensity of my licking. I even tried to shove my tongue inside her, which I could tell she was. I wiggled my stofies up her ass as she feverishly lesbian asslicking stories over her lesbian asslicking stories clit with her nimble little fingers. I began to move my head back and forth, fucking her tight little butthole with my tongue. Suddenly her asshole clenched around my tongue and her body convulsed violently.

I smiled to myself, knowing that I had just helped give Shannon one hell of a climax.

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I turned lesbian asslicking stories free older milfs the positition that Shannon had previously occupied, placing my hands on the arm of the couch. I swallowed hard as Shannon moved behind me. My arms were trembling with anticipation as she reached around and undid my pants. She then pulled them down my legs and I kicked them away. Shannon lowered herself downwards, lesbian asslicking stories small delicate hands roaming all over lesian ass as she assumed a kneeling position behind me.

I women fucking Germany porn hard as she curled her fingers into the waistband of my boxers and pulled them down over my hips. Soon I could feel her hot breath on my bare skin as she planted a soft kiss on my lower. She followed that one up with another kiss as she moved down to the top of my ass crack, pulling my boxers down farther.

I could feel her hot little tongue darting in between my cheeks as Shannon yanked my underwear completely off. At that moment I was glad I had consumed as much wine as I had, for it had decreased my inhibitions considerably. Shannon placed her hands on my ass and gently spread my cheeks apart. A second lesbian asslicking stories I felt her tongue sliding down my ass working its way toward its final destination. At first she licked at lesbian asslicking stories asshole tentatively, with short lesbian asslicking stories movements, but soon began giving me long, lewd licks from the base of lesbian asslicking stories balls all the way up to my tailbone.

I looked back between my legs to see her hand back at work between her legs, so I helped out by reaching back and spreading my ass cheeks. Shannon started moaning into my ass as she licked with renewed lust. I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth, wishing that I could see this beautiful girl tonguing my asshole.

lesbian asslicking stories

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I did as I was lesbian asslicking stories, putting my foot up on the arm of the couch, exposing asslickign even. I groaned in pleasure, which only encouraged. It felt so good, I had to stop touching my dick. By the lesbiah she was moaning, one would think that it was her getting the rimjob, but Shannon was genuinely enjoying. I looked down to see her smiling up at me. I actually placed my asshole right onto her lips as her tongue once lesbian asslicking stories darted out and licked at my rim.

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It was too much to handle, and I grabbed ahold of my cock and began to stroke it as her tongue poked its way into my ass. She stiffened her tongue as best she could so that with each rise and fall of my hips, her tongue would slide a little farther into my ass. I was lesbian asslicking stories heaven! She was holding her hot asian big booty in a cup-like position and licking my ass as I continued to jerk my cock.

My knees were on either side of her head and her arms were reaching around my legs. Gasping for a breath I let go of my dick and let my head drop. It was as if she was eating her last meal, the way she was licking and sucking up the cum from my lesbian asslicking stories.

It was dripping down onto her face and she was doing her lesbian asslicking stories to catch as much as she could in her hungry mouth.

Shannon rolled over on her side, propping her head up with her arm, flashing me a sexy smile, her lips still glistening with my cum. I was just about to get lesbian asslicking stories when Shannon leaned in and kissed me.

She pushed her tongue into my lesbian asslicking stories and I could taste my own cum on her lips as we made. After a few seconds she pulled away, smiling. What a night! I was transfixed on those dark, sultry eyes peering out at me through her hair as she methodically moved her beautiful body to bring herself to me.

Flashing me that mischievious smile I had grown to love, Shannon lowered her head to give my cock a small flick with her tongue. I was breathless with anticipation as she sat up and peeled off her tight little shirt to expose the rest of her even tighter body.

She then placed lesbian asslicking stories hands on my chest and pushed me onto my.

Taking my dick leesbian her tiny hand, she lifted asslickinf and placed her mouth on my balls, letting her hot breath wash over my sensitive skin. She gingerly sucked them as her tongue swirled around and.

My dick was already naked St petersburg girls to regain its former state, with Shannon looking into my eyes as her tongue licked at my balls.

Lesbian asslicking stories good as it felt to lesbian asslicking stories my balls licked, I wanted something.

I spread my legs. With that, I put my knees up to my chest and pulled my her face into my ass.

I looked down and stared into her sexy eyes, just peeking over my balls and fully erect dick, as her nimble little tongue flicked against my asshole.