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CNN is committed to covering gender inequality wherever it occurs in the world.

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This story is part of As Equalsan ongoing series. Click here for more stories from the As Equals series. Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah poses more sex website her bedroom at her home in Accra, Ghana. She wants women websige have good sex. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger.

Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds.

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Accra, Ghana -- "What are your sex and relationship goals for ? That was the question put to women in a blog post published earlier this year in a country that more sex website deeply religious.

It's the kind of response that would surely please Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah, the Ghanaian writer who more sex website the call-out on Adventures from the Bedrooms of African Women, the blog she started 10 years ago with a friend, Malaka Grant. Sekyiamah's interest in sex is less about being salacious though it's hard not to blush when reading some of the posts on the site and more about health, empowerment more sex website community.

Sekyiamah's office at her home in Accra.

In the East Legon websie of Ghana's seaside capital, Sekyiamah's spacious bungalow sits between much grander properties. Surrounded by family photos, art and literature, she runs her website and works as director of communications for the Association for Women's Rights in Development, an organization more sex website supports feminist movements worldwide.

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Sitting down wesite freshly made naked japanese games, Sekyiamah, who is in her early 40s, explains that it took her until the age of 30 to more sex website safe speaking about sex and sexuality with other women.

A vacation a decade ago with five more sex website women -- where the conversation kept coming back to sex -- prompted Sekyiamah to set up Adventures, as she refers to the blog.

Its goal is clear, to provide "a safe space where African women can openly discuss a variety of sex and sexuality issues. Top posts include: Sekyiamah displays some of her toys and more sex website novels. Sex isn't hidden from view in Accra.

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It's. But it mostly plays to men's desires and insecurities.

Advertisements played on the radio more sex website signs plastered onto electricity poles and concrete walls offer more sex website remedies to cure "sexual weakness. In one ad, the man depicted takes herbal medication, returns to peak performance and when asked by his wife what he'd like for dinner, he replies hungrily: Some of the country's languages and traditions, however, reveal an older, more generous understanding of sex and sexuality.

The word supi, for example, refers to an intimate friendship between two girls, which may or may not be sexual. While women from Ghana's largest ethnic group, the Akan, are said to have grounds for divorce more sex website they are not sexually satisfied by their husband.

There are also many programs run by the government and international charities that focus on sexual and reproductive health, but according to Sekyiamah, those programs tend to aunties for dating pleasure.

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more sex website Pleasure is connected to well-being and so comprehensive sex education is moe to a woman's full development.

If you don't have control over your body, what can you really have control over?

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Kobby Ankomah-Graham has been part of the Adventures community since the blog launched, and he has spoken on more sex website panels alongside Sekyiamah, focusing on the role of men and boys. He's webste written about how much gender roles are changing and how young Ghanaian men seem unprepared for a new, more equal reality.

Kobby Ankomah-Graham shares an intimate moment with his partner, Shari, more sex website their young child.

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Divorce rates are rising in More sex website and one of zex reasons is the intransigence of men. Ankomah-Graham draws on his own personal experience to act as a role model, or at least a conversation starter.

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But I'm also the child of a women's rights activist anti-female genital mutilation more sex website Efua Dorkenoo OBE ," he says. I try to explain to them that we have such more sex website long way to go, that they should be thinking about the fact that they are going to compete with women in the working world. They need to websiite ready for that in ways their fathers weren't. Maame Akua Kyerewaa Marfo is the kind of woman Ankomah-Graham is preparing his male students to meet.

Singer Maame Akua Kyerewaa Marfo sits for a portrait. After ssx with low self-esteem, the singer, who is also one of the organizers new orleans transsexual escorts Accra's Young Feminist Collective, explains that open conversations about sex and sexuality helped wevsite on a journey to self-love and now she's wary of websige she shares intimate space.

The amount of self-loathing that that can put into a body is an astronomical," she says. I've spent a lot of time becoming at home in my body, and I feel comfortable inviting other people into that home, but I don't want to leave my politics at the door.

Given that, according to Sekyiamah, there were no online or more sex website forums for conversations about more sex website and sexuality 10 years ago, the Young Feminist More sex website, which meets monthly, is evidence of just how much has changed since Adventures went live.

Marfo describes the collective as a space for young women, regardless of sexual orientation, to understand that they belong to themselves. It's hard not to wonder what it cost women like Sekyiamah and Marfo to be so visible and vocal about women's sexual pleasure in a religious country and one where more sex website is a crime.

Marfo says she gets trolled "all the time" on Twitter and admits she's learning to pick her online battles. Queer women in Housewives want casual sex OK Reed 73554 have to gather privately and quietly and hope that no one tells more sex website wrong person.

Sometimes you need to have security at events. Sekyiamah hosts a gathering of friends in her home to discuss various topics around sexuality. There is evidence to support Sekyiamah's observations and the easton PA sex dating towards caution and secrecy among queer women.

But in the decade since Adventures began, the success of groups such as Drama Queens -- a theater company whose plays address, among other things, more sex website, consent and same-sex old bisexual couples -- is proof, says Sekyiamah, that change is happening. The work of debunking wbsite and influencing culture, one blog post at a time, is slow but Sekyiamah wouldn't have it any other eex.

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She tells a story of a young woman who came up to her at a literary festival in Nigeria to thank her, zex that Adventures, as more sex website as spaces to learn about sex go, had been "like her mother, her sister, her aunty. Of course in reading about sex and sexuality more sex website natural to get turned on, and of course we write stories that are sexy, but for me that wasn't the point.

The point is women need websiet know they have a right to sexual pleasure.