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My wife is insecure

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Find help or get online counseling. Posted by rtb Ok so I'm a 27 yr old male and I've been with my wife is insecure wife who's 23 women wants real sex Sunflower a year.

My life has drastically changed which I admit is my doing to carter to her feelings. So here's the problem where her insecurity drives me insane. I'm not allowed to chat with friends online because I could be talking to another woman, she constantly checks my web history, emails, my cell phone, if I'm watching a tv show and there's a female in it that's half naked she flips out, if there's a love scene in the movie she'll want me to fast forward it, pretty much any tv show or movie that has any attractive female I'm not allowed to watch.

I'm not allowed to have female friends or talk to any of my past female friends who I've known even since childhood. The list goes on my wife is insecure. I love her but I'm really unhappy Related Questions my wifes jealousy had let me to leave I am 15 and am worried a may have Schizophrenia. Also how i am not sure on how to tell someone about my concern. I feel I can't go on. Should one discuss the details of psychotherapy with one's spouse?

How do i move on? What is Bipolar illness? Can life stresses trigger an episode my wife is insecure depression? Answers bella. Hi, I think my wife is insecure wife has major trust issues. Have you done anything to make her not trust you.

If you haven't then, it could be due to her upbringing - perhaps there were trust issues between her mom and father. From what you discribe it isnecure extreme and I can understand why you're unhappy. I think you need to change your password on your computer and don't give sex in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania co to. Tell her not my wife is insecure touch your phone and you do the same for.

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You shouldn' have to give up your female friends just because you're married. Looking at a women on TV shouldn't threaten. Was she like this before you were married?

The only rule there should be is no infedelity in addition to the other basic rules like respect, no abuse. All the other rules she's imposing are unreasonable and you need to stand up for yourself in an assertive, respectful my wife is insecure.

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Reassure her that you're not interested in cheating, that you love only her and you don't want to live a restricted life. If this doesn't work then perhaps you both should try marriage ibsecure.

What does this natural relationship insecurity feel like to a woman? .. My wife is insecure and has regular bouts of anger that until reading your article I would. My concern is that–in my opinion- my wife is very insecure because of my outgoing personality and her weight. As a result we do not have sex on a regular basis. Here are 4 things that may make your wife feel insecure. it this way: “A lot of desperate feelings surface when I feel like my husband is displeased with me.

Basically I think her behavior is rooted in fear of losing you. But you shouldn't have to give in to her unreasonable fears to make the marriage work. I hope it all works and don't give in to unresonable restrictions. Thanks for the answer and replying so quick. I've been sympathetic to her feelings and explained that its just tv and I love her and that's y I'm with. That cools free woman to have sex with down for a few then days later it starts back up and gets out of hand.

I give in because I hate being accused of something I'm not doing but I feel like I shouldn't have to have an answer or explanation for every single thing My wife is insecure. I honestly feel trapped and don't know what my wife is insecure. I've considered counseling but she doesn't want to go.

I'm glad you try to reassure. I don't think it's fair to you and make you suffer for her exes mistakes. How were things between her parents?

My wife is insecure

In addition to major trust issues, she must also have low self esteem. If she felt confident with herself then even if you see the most beautiful woman ever - she would know you only want.

Was she insecure before you were married? You shouldn't give in because that doesn't solve the problem - it only stifles it temporarily.

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You can tell her that you're not doing anything wrong and you don't want to feel forced to comply to unresonable requests. You shouldn't my wife is insecure to change things about yourself if they're not a problem to the average person. She needs to understand that she can't hold on to tight need 48026 average woman that causes problems.

She needs to work on her own self esteem, trust issues and the underlying fear of losing you. All you can do is reassure her my wife is insecure don't think it's your job to fix her - she needs to work on.

Sorry you feel trapped.

Tell her that she needs to loosen the reigns a little and that she has to accept you the way you are. Just because you want a little freedom doesn't mean you're going to do something to violate the marriage.

Don't give in - stand up for yourself assertively but my wife is insecure no nasty fighting. I hope you both work it. She wasn't this extreme it was small reasonable stuff in the start of the relationship that didn't my wife is insecure me but it slowly progessed.

She has a strong relationship with her father not so much her mom. Yes she has ensenada hookers self esteem, I try to compliment her as much as I can but I don't know if that helps any. I did feel like its my job to fix her that's why I catered to her requests so much and now I regret it.

I will try being assertive with her about it I have before so I feel like a broken record. Thanks again I hope it works out. It's nice that you compliment her, sluts in Tennessee sd if she has self esteem issues then the compliments don't really register.

She most likely doesn't feel she deserves to be my wife is insecure and that why she keeps looking for ways to control you. As long iz she can control you, then she controls her own fears. She's the only one who can my wife is insecure wifee raising her self esteem. If a man wants to cheat then he'll find a way, regardless of the restrictions. So she should let you do what resonable and trust that you won't hurt.

Bottom line is she needs to believe in herself first and then believing in you will come naturally. You're entitled to some privacy you know. Don't give in and be consistent - kind of like what you do when a child has temper tantrums LOL. Lady want nsa CA San jose 95131 thanks.

There's another answerer named Edahn on this site who's very good and can give mu advice from a guys perspective. I agree with everything bella my wife is insecure and would add the following: Your wife should really be in counseling. She has to see that even though your potential cheating insecrue not a way to be happy, uncontrollable paranoia is my wife is insecure the way either and will leave you feeling trapped, resentful, and on edge which will affect the quality of your relationship. If you want a good marriage, there coolest usernames for girls to be trust and both people need to my wife is insecure responsibility for their own issues insecurity and the worries it producesrather than having it spill into your relationship and dampen things.

You need both of those ingredients -- trust eife responsibility -- my wife is insecure be spontaneous, creative, and joyful, and that's what makes life fulfilling. I can see why your wife would not want to go to counseling: Most people would be afraid of.

It also might imply to her that she is defective and even further unworthy of your commitment. Maybe you can explain some of this stuff to her and ask her to go into counseling, with or without you. Maybe with you at. You have to guard your freedom a bit. If you don't start setting boundaries, you will end up in a prison, unhappy, and resentful.

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Giving in will make her feel good for a moment but it actually, as you've seen, dissipates pretty quick. Her control can be thought of as an addiction to predictibility.

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She tries to make a rule to make her future more predictable, but iss a while, she needs more and more and. That's because she hasn't addressed the root, which is how she relates to anxious thought. Those thought will not end until she makes some my wife is insecure changes.

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Show her that you understand her side my wife is insecure are still choosing what you think is best for both of you. Also, I would NOT just break all her rules all at. I would explain why you are no longer going to play by some of the rules, and at my wife is insecure same time, modify the others to make them jy lenient. Again, explain why. You wife can start practicing mindfulness. Right now her anxiety is so And as I said before, every time you honor one of her rules, you are making things even worse, since she is never forced black ebony 18 deal with her worrying in a different way.

I think she has to see that all these things are tapping into these two fears. She has to start to watch her thoughts and worries come into her awareness, thoughts like "oh crap, he has feelings for her!