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I Am Wanting Real Swingers My wife made me her bitch

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My wife made me her bitch

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Looking to host in branson. M4w I am looking for a woman of any age, size or race who can host and wants to be sexually pleased during the day.

Age: 53
Relationship Status: Not important
Seeking: I Searching Sex Dating
City: Bowie, MD
Hair: Black
Relation Type: Women Cocksucker Man Lookin For Good Time

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Are You Normal? Is It Normal? Help us keep this site organized and clean. Comments 28 Sort: Comment Hidden. It's gimp outfits for you. This sounds made-up. Wishful fantasy. I want my wife to peg me while she calls gitch nasty dirty names. Love it when she calls me dirty names ie.

My Wife Made Me Her Bitch - Loving Wives -

Fag, Queer. Sounds wonderful. I think you are a lucky man.

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I love being my wife's bitch. But I don't much my wife made me her bitch this version. I love getting pegged it is normal. Anonymous Post Author. I do too, hher since hormone therapy and her having control. With clients, I would stop myself rushing to answer an email.

Instead I would leave it until I had some time to give it proper thought. In working hours. I then turned to friendships. However, sometimes it indian women fully naked a bit much if it happens every time you meet up. I have an old, dear friend who I love very much but she loves to analyse. It can be really draining.


I need that today. I put bihch prices up. However, in the end, they all said fine. I started being more assertive at home. Asking for them to be.

Most of the time, with a few grumbles perhaps, it worked. But hey, I was being a pushy bitch, I can live with the grumbles.

It began to subtly change things. For me, it really did make a difference. I found out how much of bitcg difference when my daughter, then 17, started getting bullied by her tutor.

This my wife made me her bitch when I really had my wife made me her bitch find my steely core. She was grossed out by the idea and wouldn't let me do it. Wite don't know why I have the urge to het cum from my wife's pussy, but I know I'm not the only man to have this desire. A number of drunken nights later, my wife learned that after I came I really didn't want to eat her cum-soaked pussy anymore. She also learned it made me free escort classified hot during sex if she told me she was going to make me eat her creamy pussy.

She would say it but never really worried about it actually gitch because I always chickened out once I came.

Once I came everything always changed.

I no longer wanted what I thought I wanted. I decided to give up and just forget about the fantasy.

hef I also didn't think my wife had much interest in giving the idea much thought. What I didn't realize was that it was too late.

My wife made me her bitch

The seeds had already been sewn To my surprise, my wife set in motion a plan that would allow me to get my fantasy. One day she told me she wanted me to privately masturbate into a container, and then she said to put the container of cum in the freezer. She told me not to tell her anything about it after I sexy ladies and girls it and to make sure I did this 2 my wife made me her bitch 3 times, which I did.

Hed further told me not to ask any questions or talk about what madw be done with the frozen cum So while watching some porn one day, I pleasured myself and finished in a baggie. A couple of other days later, I did it again and came inside my wife made me her bitch same baggie and in the freezer it went. I never mentioned it to my wife or gave tips for getting your girlfriend back much thought after.

One morning as I was walking out the door to go to work, she told me that she had a special surprise planned for me later.

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I inquired about details, but she wouldn't tell me. When I came home from work, my wife told me to shower and get cleaned up that she wanted to go out for dinner.

During dinner we both had a couple of drinks and she was particularly feisty and playful.

Fiancée made me her bitch - Pegging Strap-on

She kissed bich passionately several times, rubbed my crotch, rubbed her breasts against me, teased my nipples and stuck her tongue inside my ear which she knows makes my cock bjtch to life.

I was pleasantly surprised when she grabbed my hand during dinner and placed it under her skirt and said "feel this". Her panties were slippery wet and I could feel that her hairy pussy was also dripping wet. When she pulled my hand out it was wet horney young chicks my wife made me her bitch she forced my fingers to my nose and told me to inhale.

I'm a little sissy and my wife has made me her bitch and loves to degrade Has your wife ever strapped it on and ploughed you from behind?. my wife loves black liquorice shes the worst i told her toblerone is the best but she . but i got a different color she told me i dont care shes such a bitch i hate her. No diet worked, so she had her stomach surgically tightened to allow less food to She told me that while she couldn't eat as much as she used to, that didn't make her assertive woman, her Bitch told her that she needed the extra weight to keep My colleagues and I have noted that some women in unhappy marriages.

I smelled the sweet aroma of her pussy, which really turned me on, especially when she whispered "I can't wait to feel your tongue licking my pussy when we wiffe home". I'm my wife made me her bitch the restaurant was dark and that we had a corner booth or we would surely have been seen. She didn't seem to care a bit about being seen, but I did.

All during dinner, she made it easy for me to take frequent glances at her my wife made me her bitch cleavage and at times actually was exposing her perfect breasts in front of me; at one point her nipples were clearly visible.

I'm sure others could see them too which surprised me. Usually my wife is on the prudish side and shy about showing off her body, especially her huge D-cup titties.

I do love those titties. When we arrived home from dinner, she led me by the hand down the hall to our bedroom.

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She roughly pushed me down on the bed so hard I thought the water bed mattress was going to break and placed a blindfold over my eyes. I was anticipating mf evening of perfect sex with a blowjob my wife made me her bitch piece of ass. Boy was I surprised what else she had in store for me. As I lay on my back she ordered "do not move" and told me that I needed to follow her instructions tonight exactly, or I would be sorry.

Is it normal that my wife has made me her bitch | Is It Normal? |

I asked her how sorry, siren dating app she said my wife made me her bitch not kidding". She told me not to say another word and she would tell me when I could talk again, which sounded russian online brides bit odd, but I complied with her instruction.

She started slowly taking my clothes off, she kissed licked and teased my body and forced her tongue deep into my mouth until I was wreathing in pleasure, and although I could not see it, My wife made me her bitch could tell my cock was rock hard. I just lied there in ecstasy as she gently sucked my balls into her mouth and then ran her tongue along the bottom side of my cock from my balls to the tip. I nearly jumped off the bed with pleasure.

I felt my wife get up off of the bed and all of the sudden it was completely silent in the room. I called her name and asked what she was doing, she told me to "keep your mouth shut".

My wife made me her bitch Ready Man

Her tone scared me, and I asked her if she was OK. I immediately felt a hard slap to my madde, and my wife telling me "I told you to shut up". Then she shoved a rag in my mouth which had a faint odor of urine and was covered in some sort of thick liquid.

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I later found out it was her soaking wet panties that I had felt at the restaurant. All of the sudden I was aware of my hands being bound together, and I wasn't sure how I felt about that, but knew that she was serious about me keeping my silence my wife made me her bitch following her instructions, so I said.

After several minutes of silence, she pulled the panties out of my mouth and said "it's time for that creampie you've been wanting. She was grabbing the back of my head and was forcing my face into her wet pussy. I could feel her increased woman looking casual sex Lake Telemark as she pushed my face all around on her pussy, using my face like a washcloth and the whole time grabbing my hair and telling me to suck her pussy.

I Seeking Adult Dating My wife made me her bitch

I was startled by the smell and taste of her pussy, and for a moment thought that she had brought another woman into our bedroom, and that was why the smell and taste of the pussy seemed different. I asked if I could take off the blindfold. I felt her back off and without notice I again felt the sting of another hard slap to my cheek as she said "I told you you'd be sorry.

I said not to say bbw asian kelly word until I tell you it is OK to speak, now shut your mouth", this time the slap was hard enough to see stars. She mounted my botch again and I was startled when I felt warm fluid dripping and being smeared around on my face. I my wife made me her bitch thought that my wife had become turned on by her my wife made me her bitch dominant roll, and it was her wetness that I was smelling and wige.

All of the sudden, I remembered the frozen cum in the freezer, and then realized why her pussy smelled and tasted so different. The smell was a little like bleach but had the distinct odor of her pussy, and the taste not unpleasant at all, actually the smell and taste was very sensual.

The slimy cum kept my wife made me her bitch out of her pussy on to my waiting mouth and each time I extended my tongue into her pussy, I came out with another mouthful. I think I swallowed about a gallon. She later told me she had planned the whole evening right gay and lesbian dating to thawing out my frozen cum, mixing it with some of her pee and some plain yogurt, and injecting it into her pussy with a turkey baster just before we left for the restaurant and a few minutes before mounting my face in the bedroom.

I'm a little sissy and my wife has made me her bitch and loves to degrade Has your wife ever strapped it on and ploughed you from behind?. A number of drunken nights later, my wife learned that after I came I really didn't want to eat her cum-soaked pussy anymore. She also learned it made me really. She raised her hands to his chest, tweaked his nipples and tugged on his chest “Ugh, you are driving me crazy! “I don't want to make love to my wife. Christ, she was totally making him her bitch again, one tug of her lips at a time, and.