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On the morning of Sunday, Nov. Danielle watched her husband closely. He seemed disengaged.

Devin stood up. He put Michael, their 2-year-old, in their bedroom. Raeleigh, their 5-month-old daughter, was already in her crib.

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Devin told Danielle he loved. He kissed Raeleigh. And he said to Michael: She saw him put on his military-style, tactical gear and a bulletproof vest. Case Leal, 8, of La Vernia, looks at stones, each etched with the name of one of the 26 victims, along one side of First Baptist Find a friend in london of Sutherland Springs new to San Antonio looking for my partner May 10, She recounted a relationship that began in innocence and slowly deteriorated as Devin sank deeper and deeper into delirium.

Nrw now, Danielle clings to lookijg memories of Devin, the boy she had fallen in love with when she was a teenager and later married. On her key ring she keeps a pocketknife engraved with his.

On her phone, she still has photos of him and lpoking children.

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When Michael sees them, he thumps his hand to his chest. Nine months after the massacre, Danielle struggles to reconcile her grief at losing Devin with her piercing guilt over the devastation he caused.

She wavers between defending him and acknowledging that there were "red flags" for years.

InDevin was court-martialed for fracturing his stepson's skul l and assaulting his then-wife, a conviction that led to his bad friends with benefits characters discharge from the Air Force.

Danielle maintains that he didn't do it, that Devin's first wife, the baby's mother, injured the child. Two years later, he was charged with cruelty to animals for striking their dog. Danielle watched it happen and described it as an "open-handed spanking.

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Michelle Shields, Danielle's mother, said in an interview earlier this year that Devin was a controlling, abusive husband and Danielle was a wife who often accepted it. Danielle fairview Heights horney women their relationship wasn't healthy, but she didn't want to go into. She said the marriage "had its ups and downs like any other relationship.

Danielle Kelley shows photos of her with Devin and their son, Michael, 3, at her Cibolo home on July 10, She hopes his hold on her will weaken with the passage of time. Danielle seemed more open in recent days to admitting her husband's controlling nature, Michelle said. But after years of watching her new to San Antonio looking for my partner plead for help, only to defend Devin when she tried to intervene, Michelle said she can't be sure Danielle's apparent change of heart is genuine.

Gay finder app Kelley says she will always love her husband, Devin Kelley, but will always hate what he did. Danielle met Devin when they were hanging out with friends. She was a distraught preteen, with a thick stripe of bleached blonde hair and marks on her wrists and legs from cutting. I'm a dweeb.

And then it came to where Free online black dating sites knew everything about me," she said. They were close friends for years before they dated. Neither had a stable path through adolescence. Michelle adopted Danielle through Child Protective Services when she was 4 years old.

Her biological mother and father had hit her, thrown her, new to San Antonio looking for my partner her with boiling water. Michelle had lost three children through complications of pregnancy, and had one adoption fall. After that, she specifically looked to adopt a child she could rescue.

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Her home in Sutherland Springs proved not to be the safe place she intended for her daughter. Danielle partnee she was sexually abused by a male relative, but she declined to give details, citing an ongoing court case.

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To the point where I don't really like men," Danielle Antojio. Similarly, Devin confided lady wants casual sex Spaulding her about having been bullied new to San Antonio looking for my partner a child.

While other friends shared their dreams with one other, Devin and Danielle shared their hardships. When the world was unfair, they assured each other that it wasn't their fault. Devin was homeschooled before attending New Braunfels High School, where he graduated in He was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, school records.

Classmates said he groped or harassed them, describing Sqn as "creepy.

When Devin enlisted in the military inhe and Danielle kept in touch through letters. She said he confided in her about the problems in his marriage to Tessa Brennaman, his first wife.

After Devin was court-martialed by the Air Force for cracking new to San Antonio looking for my partner stepson's skullhe admitted to the assault in a self-recorded video. He developed a fatalistic attitude. He philosophized about angels and demons, right and wrong, and questioned how much control people have in their lives. While in the military, Devin was caught sneaking weapons onto a New Mexico base. He made death threats against his commanding officers and was sent to a mental health facility.

He and Danielle briefly lived in Colorado. They later moved to his parents' acre property in New Braunfels, where he practiced target shooting and regularly went hunting.

I Antomio in angels. I believe in demons. And I think for most people, they're going to be who they are and live their lives out based on the choices they make. Danielle would comment on how Devin's new beard made him look old. He'd wink at her flirtatiously. They both remarked on how he was always the one to speak his escort yuba city, while she tended to avoid confrontation.

New to San Antonio looking for my partner

Danielle said they complemented each other that way. But after the Air Force, he was different, Danielle said.

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She blamed it on his time in confinement, which he had described to her as "living hell. He got upset easily, she said.

He would yell and swear and she'd block him on her phone. But he always apologized, and she'd eventually relent.

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Throughout their marriage, Danielle never went anywhere alone, she dor. He was with her for every errand and outing, and even drove her to nea from her job as a cashier at H-E-B.

Sometimes Danielle would tell Michelle about the mental and physical abuse he inflicted, Michelle said. But then the next minute, she'd pretend it never happened. That if he found out — he'd always say he's escort meetings the next minute, you know, so she was like 'Oh, OK, if he found out I said something he's going to get more upset so we're just going to keep it calm because he apologized," Michelle said.

The couple slowly cut their ties fro the Sutherland Springs community, where her mother was a devoted member of the First Baptist Church.

Danielle saw her mother less and. When their second child was born early last year, Devin sent a series of threatening texts to his mother-in-law, telling her that if she entered the hospital room, "I will personally make it my mission to destroy your entire life. I suggest you don't test my resolve. When Michelle would argue with Devin, he would tell her that Danielle could make her own decisions. The more she tried new to San Antonio looking for my partner save her, Michelle said, the further Danielle withdrew.

He grew more depressed. His short temper got shorter. Every disagreement, every annoyance, became a fight. He also accumulated more than a dozen magazines, each with a capacity of 30 bullets.

The Air Force had failed to pwrtner Devin's domestic violence conviction to federal law enforcement, which could have prevented him from buying the gun.

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He was abusing his anxiety medication, Danielle said. He never wanted to leave the apartment. She had to beg him to let them go outside so Michael could be around nature or partnerr kids his age. And it took the best of him," Danielle said. When she could convince him to go to area churches, including the First Baptist in Sutherland Springs, he laughed during the sermons.

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Devin became an atheist. He told Danielle that a God wouldn't let people like him and her go through such hardships.

He resented God, and the world, for not protecting them from the world's cruelties. He lost who he.

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Because the real Devin would've never hurt babies. He was a family person. He would never have hurt anybody," Danielle said. Wife of Sutherland Springs church massacre dating profile fails Devin Kelley said her husband resented God, and the world, for not protecting them from the world's cruelties.