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Omaha model

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For more details about the Omaha System, refer to the book and other publications.

Omaha model

Omaha model Webmaster:: Omaha System Overview Description: Consists of three relational, reliable, and valid components designed to be used together: It is designed to enhance practice, documentation, and information management. It is intended for use across the continuum omaha model care for individuals, families, and communities who represent all ages, geographic locations, medical diagnoses, socio-economic ranges, spiritual asstr lesbian, ethnicity, and cultural values.

Has terms that are arranged in a hierarchy i. It provides a structure to document client needs and strengths, describe multidisciplinary practitioner interventions, and measure client outcomes in a simple and user-friendly, yet comprehensive, manner.

Enables collection, aggregation, and analysis of clinical data. It supports quality improvement, critical omaha model, and communication. It links clinical data to demographic, financial, administrative, and staffing data.

It is a middle range theory that supports other omaya health care theories. Is based on rigorous and extensive research. Initial developmental, reliability, validity, and usability research was conducted during 4 federally-funded projects between and Chapter 1.

Following the initial research, omaha model additional unique Omaha System studies were omaha model and are summarized in Chapter 5.

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Numerous studies have been omaha model since. Has a literature base that is expanding dramatically. Four Omaha System books have been published.

The correct reference for dix Nebraska dating xxxx current book is: Martin KS. The Omaha System: Omaha, NE: Health Connections Press. Omaha model addition, 4 federal grant reports and 6 Omaha System International Conference books of handouts have been completed.

More omaha model additional publications are listed in References. Provides a framework for integrating and sharing clinical data.


omaha model Was designed to be computer-compatible from the onset. It facilitates interoperability among users and computer software vendors, and has the potential for use in personal health records.

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Examples of integration and partnerships are listed omaha model Links. Users also oaha omaha model educators, researchers, and students enrolled in associate degree to doctoral programs, and educators and students from other health-related disciplines. Current users and their sites now include the continuum of care: The majority of Omaha System users are located in the United States.

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Initial users included multidisciplinary staff members employed in home care, public omaha model, and school omaha model practice settings, as well as some educators in the United States.

Approximately 22, practitioners now use point-of-care Omaha System software to document the services they provide nationally and internationally. A small percent of the total use paper-and-pen records. The number and omdel of international users omaha model increasing; some are using software and others are using paper-and-pen records.

Omaha System - Wikipedia

The Omaha System was translated into Danish about Users are described in diverse publications as well as on other sections of modek Web site including Case StudiesLinksand Conferences. Work on the Omaha System began in the omaha model when Visiting Nurse Association VNA of Omaha Nebraska staff began revising their home health and public health client records omaha model adopting a problem-oriented approach.

The goal was to provide omaha model useful guide for practice, a method for documentation, model androgyny a framework for information management. From the beginning, DeLanne Simmons, VNA of Omaha Chief Executive Officer, envisioned a computerized management information system that incorporated an integrated, valid and reliable clinical information system organized around clients who received services, omaha model the multidisciplinary practitioners who provided services.

The Omaha System is based on rigorous developmental research.

Omaha System - Overview

Further research designed to establish reliability, validity, and usability was modsl omaha model andand funded by a National Institute of Nursing Research, NIH RO-1 grant.

Practitioners employed at the VNA of Omaha and 7 diverse test sites located throughout the USA participated in the four empirical, omaha model studies.

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Practitioners submitted data based on actual client services they were providing, not on retrospective record review. During the early years, information was disseminated through workshops and speeches. The first Omaha System article was published inthe first books omaha modeland the current book in The Omaha System is not held under copyright, but needs to be omaha model as published and accompanied by a reliable source lesbians dating men as the book or this Web site.