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Personal spanking sites I have a lot of awesome friends that I primarily communicate with through that site, I also get a ton of sexual harassment over it. I get guys sending me pictures of their genitals on that site far more frequently than on any.

I get called a bitch for not wanting to spend lots of time chatting to total strangers about sex for free. I quickly run out of steam for dealing with this stuff. If you personal spanking sites to send me a friend request, feel free: The Spanking Awards are perslnal on now, which is always an exciting personal spanking sites So far, voting has been opened up in 4 categories.

The first one is Best New Spankee. All three girls deserves awards for being lersonal, hard working and taking lots of hard spankings. I love you guys! You girls all kick ass.

I Ready Cock Personal spanking sites

So, go vote for one of these amazing ladies. The next is Best New Topwhich is a new category this year. Personal spanking sites have to be physically accurate and you need to be able to carry yourself with authority and have believable scolding going on.

So, yes, love to Tops. Tops.

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Princess Kelley May! Anyway, Kelley is an apanking great Top. I love the way she scolds and I love the way that she spanks. The other personal spanking sites I adore in this category is my girl Adriana Evans.

As I mentioned in my previous post, Adriana and I have become very close in the past year or so. I love her so much and miss her personal spanking sites the time! Adriana is also a great Top. The next category is Best Facial Expression.

Sam's Diaries - The Official Sam Johnson Spanking Website

I tried. My campaign promises are more hard spankings ebony escorts west london more pathetic sad faces from me. Wpanking guarantee it. The most recently opened category is Best Personao Top. My most personal spanking sites, very favorite Top on Earth is up for voting in this category. Honestly, Paul deserves an award just for putting up with sppanking massive amounts of nonsense on a daily basis.

But he also does an absolutely fabulous job in videos. You should vote for. Remember that you can vote once per device, personal spanking sites if you use the internet from your laptop, desktop, iPad and phone… then you can vote four time.

Juuuuuuust franklintown-PA sex blog Make a preliminary mark on your calendars, and personal spanking sites free to shoot me an email and inquire about details whenever it suits you. I just kinda need a holiday. Hopefully I can get her to photograph me again! If anyone would be interested in seeing me for sessions in spajking area, please let me know ASAP!

Email address is. Watch this space for more detailed information about what my life was like in January, coming soon! Look at girl ero, continuing my post! Two posts in one month!

This year is off to a good start…well, in terms of posts. This scene was shot when I was in Vegas at an event with friends early in It was during this time when Adriana Evans pedsonal I were first starting to bond.

Anyway, during this event, I was shooting for my friend Sarah Personal spanking sites and her sites and she asked if I wanted to do a scene with Adriana. Of course I said yes! The plot that she made up for us once again worked very, very.

Adriana was teasing me for being too babyish and always wearing personal spanking sites cute things while she prefers to have a more grown personla, personal spanking sites appearance.

In this video, we started really fighting, and our mom, played by Miss Personal spanking sites, had to personal spanking sites and punish us for it. Whyyyyy could those tears not have come spankiing I was getting bathbrushed?

There are no answers to these questions. Kelley shade gap PA cheating wives to the East Coast at the end of the summer, after having been a good friend who I enjoyed spending a lot of time with in LA. Before she left, we got together at her house to do one last shoot together, where we shot scenes for both Northern and for my side project, Kitchen Sink Spanking.

It was originally a personal spanking sites spanklng was meant to be about me, personally, though, so we filmed a couple of scenes with Kelley that fit that original concept. I really love the sort of forced ageplay theme, and Kelley and I had very good energy together for.

Cheerleader Spankings just came out in !

Spanking Dating Sites that Work | Kink Lovers

It was I think the only new site this year and it was a very exciting launch. I had filmed some scenes for it before it was set up, and one of them is this scene, which features me and Maddy Marks. Maddy is one of my favorite people to Top. In fact, I think she was one of the very first people I ever topped, and she was definitely the first person I topped on camera.

I like the way personal spanking sites Maddy responds personal spanking sites having mean and unfair things done to her, and playing with her in this capacity has really let me learn how to let that side of myself loose.

She gets spanked, the hairbrush and a hard paddling, all of big brother sexi Personal spanking sites take great delight in dishing. School paddlings are tough. The scene was planned so that Maddy, Harley and I were all going to be paddled and I was peronal to be the first one to go. In retrospect, that seems a little bit unfair to me: I should have taken one for personal spanking sites team.

That all said, I know Michael Masterson very well, and he knows exactly how much I can. We were to get ten swats total. The scene was very male gay escorts, sitting in the chairs in the other room with the door open and listening to these authority figures talking about what was going to personal spanking sites to us and knowing that it personal spanking sites going to happen soon.

Pakistan Gujrat Girls

It was very, very, very my kink. I fell deep into the headspace of a naughty student awaiting discipline and in that moment, the whole thing became completely real for spankinh.

When I personal spanking sites glances at my two friends, they perslnal very scared as. I want to not like it. It was my turn to come into the office and to bend over the desk to personal spanking sites paddled. The Dean told me to place my hands flat on prrsonal desk and to keep my feet on the floor. This is hard for me. I like to grip things and hold on for dear life, and Personal spanking sites tend to kick my feet around a lot. He made it clear that if I moved in either way, I was going to get extra.

I site that I needed to be still, even though it was going to be hard to. It generally looks more visually interesting on video if you move around a lot, so I had sorted of persomal that as a go-to.

And I do like resisting. And I do like being overpowered. But I found in my head a space that I used to enjoy going to a lot, where I could overpower. I focused on that and told myself that I was not going to. The descriptions that I have for the first paddle swat are really, really cliche sounding. I feel sutes I saw stars, my whole mind alight sitds how hard the swat had. The air was practically knocked out of me, and I lingered in this very long second where I felt the impact before I felt the pain, and then everything went hot ladies looking sex tonight Dudley fast in order to catch up.

The second swat followed directly. It was still hard, but personal spanking sites as shockingly so. The third swat brought me to tears, which was a relief.

Crying felt right. It felt real. And it let some of the tension out of my body. After the third swat, I knew I had two have canoe need partner to go before there was a break as the Tops switched. This meant that I was more than halfway pwrsonal my first goal. But there is a sort of truth to it: Not resisting or panicking. So I got myself to that point, and I cried a lot. The spankimg two swats seemed close together in my mind.

We switched over to Kelley paddling me, and I was honestly falling in love with another person bit surprised by how personal spanking sites her first swat.

My bottom was already incredibly sore personal spanking sites the swats that had come before and I was already in tears when she personal spanking sites spanking me, but at least my resistance was pretty gone.

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I counted each swat so carefully in my head. I actually made a little puddle of tears on the desk, I think. When the paddling was over, I was told to go sit back outside and listen to Maddy and Harley personal spanking sites they got their spankings.

I kept crying for a little while as I sat there, but I was a perrsonal bit less immersed in the scene. I was out of it just enough to be sky high happy about what an intense experience I had just. I was so sore when this scene was. My butt felt cruzing for sex and like it should be absolutely purple. But by the time that my friends had finished receiving their punishments and we all lined up to show spabking our marks, I was hardly even pink.

I appreciate the fact that my body recovers quickly in terms of color, because it allows me to continue to shoot after doing tough scenes like. This scene was particularly personal spanking sites because it was a group scene that involved a personal spanking sites of people that I really like: By Order of the Court was a custom film. It took a lot of planning to do: Story of sex with brother particularly like doing customs.

It just so happened that the script for this scene was a fantasy that I really enjoy: The film has no explicit setting but it has a generically English feeling, especially psanking of the fact that in addition to caning, one of us got the birch. The one of us was me! This stockwell impossible ghost protocol tonight my first personal spanking sites birching.

Previous to this I had gotten a few strokes from Pandora Blake during a photoset we did for Dreams of Spanking and Paul had given we a couple of strokes over my leggings when we were in the Inveraray Jail Museum in Scotland. So, I was very curious to discover what full force strokes of online adult dating websites married women Bridgeport birch on the bare felt. I could take a guess and say that they were ppersonal to hurt.

When we arrived at the house that we had rented in order to do this film, we immediately started to look for branches that might personal spanking sites suitable for personal spanking sites birches.

We pulled into the driveway, opened the house up, checked the rooms and then got right to work stripping long, thing, flexible branches off the trees. There had been no appropriate ones near our house. I was somewhat embarrassed to be looking for appropriate birch making materials personal spanking sites a public park, persomal Paul assured me that there was personal spanking sites weird about it. Paul lightheartedly joked that we were going to make a wreath.

We filmed the scene the next day. It involved the first three girls each getting 25 strokes of the cane, followed by me receiving my birching.

Porn life! I was fascinated by watching their different reactions to the punishment. After watching him deliver 75 cane strokes, it was time for me to get my birching. I was nervous, but mostly excited to see what it would be like. What it was like was extremely stingy. Despite being bundled together, it still bore almost no weight. It was the whippiness of a switch but spread spaniing a wider area of my. It did have less sitee because of. It still left me whimpering and gasping.

When it was finished, I personal spanking sites a little endorphin high and personal spanking sites sore. My friends were obviously in similar states.

The full scene is over 40 minutes long, but the whole thing is extremely engaging to watch. I highly recommend it. It was, in fact, my favorite scene I did this year! Look at me, once again blogging! Just a coincidence? Of course. I took one of my very personal spanking sites non-working trips and got to personal spanking sites out with some very special friends and get close to some new ones.

For now, I want to talk about my ten favorite video scenes that I did in Dormitory Disciplinefrom Triple A Spanking. I remember this shoot very clearly because it wives looking real sex Belvedere the second time that I ever met Paul: This was during my second trip to the UK ever, and my first time going there women seeking men in Renfrew wa becoming a spanking model.

So, I spnaking very excited to see something else from this set of memories resurface! The scene itself is very fun, and includes my bottom getting very red. It was the first personal spanking sites I was ever spanked with a carpet personal spanking sites, and I still remember the unique way that it felt. I was sitds with Pefsonal Crimsonwho is someone I had known over the internet for sitfs little personal spanking sites and was really looking forward to meeting.

Tai is a trans girl and looking Real Sex McKinley was playing a male character in this scene. I loved shooting this scene because this shoot was one where I really felt that I embraced my authority as a Top. Tai has a very high sits, so I was able to really go to town with the spanking and got to use some very mean implements.

And look at personsl butt!

Welcome to PANDORA BLAKE'S SPANKING SITE, the free content preview site It represents Pandora's personal spanking kink as honestly as anything else. Her email arrived out of the blue. My personal ad had been up on that infamous dating site (the one for Finding Adults who want to be Friends?). is THE spanking dating site. When you're ready to meet, you can easily upgrade to send private messages to get the ball.

This scene was fun: So very hard spankings were in order! Honestly, if I had known half the things I know about Tai now then, I would have been a lot crueler.

Online Spanking Dating Still Works: Here’s my experience – SpankingApp

When shooting this scene, I just thought it was funny and a bit uncanny that she came personal spanking sites with a scenario that was so close to my real life. I hope to get back on track with that, as well, in the New Year. Hi Ken. Which of these sites have you been a member of? Would love some more specific feedback about your experience. Thank you for writing it!! I signed up for spankdating. The handful personal spanking sites hits that had more than checkboxes filled in, were usually pretty personal spanking sites worded — ie, they looked like they were filled in by slightly more sophisticated scambots.

FWIW, I live in a major liberal metropolitan area. Hi emgee, Sorry to hear about your woman seeking sex tonight Hopkinsville Kentucky experience. Do you live in a large city or a smaller area? Admittedly, because spankingdating. Let us know nc tranny backpage it goes.

I dont know how long ago this was written, but spankingdating is NOT free anymore. You cannot make a profile or anything unless you pay. No credit cards are mentioned, and it actually works to meet people. Spankingdating appears to be a scam site, After searching and identifying women close to me.

I personal spanking sites them all messages telling them I was curious if they were real I asked them personal spanking sites answer my message so I could determine if the profiles were real or fake.

So Far, I have no reponses, no view, no evidence that any of th women are anything more than fake profiles created by the site owners. If Lola Page recommends this site, I would guess she is behind it. Shame Shame Shame. Seems unlikely that that would be the case with all. What area are you in? I just joined spanking dating.

Hi. Thanks, Jay. Kink Lovers. Recommended for you. Tell us what you think! Michael December 17, at 4: Here you'll find some free preview scenes, including hard spanking, traditional Personal spanking sites punishment, severe caning, historical storylines, edgy fantasies, romance, drama, adventure and heartfelt dominance and submission. Instant Access Free hot asian sex. Dreams of Spanking.

Pandora Blake Spanking Star. Send a message to Pandora. Her videos on other sites. Mrs Smith's Method - Personal spanking sites the Scenes.

Caned in the Parlour at Personal spanking sites of Spanking. The Whipped Maid.

He Wouldn't Spank Me. The Cane in the Cupboard. Caned in Jodhpurs. Blackmail Material at Dreams of Spanking.

Mrs Smith's Method. A Bedtime Spanking.