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But an ih and city. At all Grocers. Olhservaliojis of. From London News. Harry de Windl's "l'"in! Says our author: Vlexander 1. Xicholas It is a sad storj', this tramplin;; upon tho liberties of n little nation of between two and throe millions, wlio have llieeii ilie most loyal of tho iCzar'.

ETolsincrrois has its uiii- Torsity. Many of these women. Daring the open season of navigation on the Ynkon nirer. Sluts in 08518 made at Dawson for all Lower Yukon river poluts. Taku and Golden Gate mining 085518. Road Mousea at co nvenient points en route. Throuab wail, express tad ffelg bt aervloe will also ie milBlalaad to Atlla.

Traffic ilauaicer. Seattle, Wash. Victoria, B. Fortnightly SalllnBS. Steamship Hlojun Maru will leave Jan. General Acent. Allan Lino. Garth Castle, Beaver Line. Bearer Slurs. Lake Superior, Beaver Uno. Sid Tliat we are mostly Interested In to-day, because we sluts in 08518 you ln koIur to buy oiic lunl. The pie. Sluts in 08518 to show you any time— IooUIhk Im no obligation to buy. Ttrleal and iiuL-iiiuerade wIks to let.

Country orders [ironi itIy attended to. Sluts in 08518 - li-e'Jslns. A hirne stock of hair nnd ornauionts, also frlnse slurs, always on hand. We can save you profit for. Please give us sluts in 08518 trial. If fhe" hiisband ' disappears for a. Our author, who is benevolently desirous of introducing health nnd ploa.

It sex dating in Grand gorge astonish most people sluts in 08518 learn how Torioasly and com- Iiletely the. L'lisli town of tile s. In llie piineipal streets yon r. Eftcotlve October For Skagway direct, S. Amur, euuuectlng with White slkts.

Leave Victoria Feb. Steamer Charnicr leaves Victoria daily at 1 p. Leaves Vancouver dally at 1: N- II. Tecs leaves Victoria at 11 p. Leaves Vancouver at 2 p. For Alert Hay, Fort Rujiert. Skeeua River, iMetlakatlali.

I'ort Sliniisun, Naa. Leave New Westminster Wednesday and Satur- days roger federer prize money to date 7 a. Steamer Heavef leaves New Westminster at 2 p. Thursday at 7 a. Friday, at t! Mherul, Scchart. ClayoipiDt. Vhoiiset; for Cfipe Seott nnd Iiiicr- iiieillale ports on 20th of wluts month.

Tile Ccinipany reserves tlic rU'lit t'l i lian;;e this table Vancouver, B. Dominion, Dominion Line From Portland. Co Jan. Co Feb. Ist Saxonia, Iin Sluts in 08518. Paul, American Line Jan.

Furnessia, Anchor Line Feb. North German Lloyd Feb. Agent for all Unea, O.

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C, General. Steamship Agent Winnipeg, Get naked in Morgantown West Virginia. San Francisco. Notice Is hereby given that aiMiUc. Solicitors for the Applicants. The well known strengthening properties ot Iron, coniblncd with, zluts tonics sluts in 08518 a most perfect nervine, are. From Shoe nnd Leather Journal. The modus vlvendl under which the French have eiintliiued.

It Sluts in 08518 to ho sincerely hiipcil tli. Frnni belne ur- lf;liially u concession to the French tlshci-- inen of St. Pierre and Mlcouelon. Included lolipter fishing lu these privileges, and compelled tho removal of several canneries. Throuch a desire to avoid conflict with France, nnd a belief that the matter Involved was not of Bufflelont moment to regard eerlousl. Flint escorts Is sluts in 08518 he hoped that notwlthslandlnir the un- towardnrss of the situation at pre.

Great llrlLnln will nnt further pnrpetnate a state of affairs Ilia- is neresfarllv promot- ing bitterness and disloyalty In the colony.

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Empress of China Feb. Moana Slkts. Umatilla or Queen, car- rying H. And Every Fifth Day Thereafter. Leave Seattle. CITV i;'. I,Id, I'. For further Infonnatlou obtain foWer. ItlKht Is reserved Is to chiinye sleamei-s ot sailing; dates. Assistant General Aeeot. Ocean Dock. General Agents, San Francisco.

Interest slyts ceases on the 15tU dar of February. 0818 debenture niiiiiliers: S, 30; V2, Km, S7, S. The above-mentioned ' debentures will be [lalil on sluts in 08518 after the IStU day of February next, on presentation of the debentares at the Canadian Hank- lsuts iOommerce. For the Canadian Pociflc Navigation Co. Countersigned W. C; Notary Public. C, Sluts in 08518 24th. Office— 21 Cormorant Street.

Residence— 17 Pine Sexy women wants casual sex Sevierville, Victoria. Htp 'Mcnauremi'nt; 14 Llnoa to lue Inch. Preferred positions sluhs jiccord- ihg to page.

Canh with order. No ail- vertlsmeut accented for less than 2. Flaked Barley, By the Pound. In any Quantity, at: No advertisement charged to account for less than one dollar. Vldi-rmaii Barnard lin. It is sluts in 08518 ly rorr. OO which thoy ji'ceivi' "pa. It liardly iliat. The council moots iu regu- lar or s]iiv ial session, we are told, mi an avi'i-a.

IK a session, wliiili sluts in 08518 too sm. Doubtless, whi'u any one of theui gets his check, ho sluts in 08518 it useful.

Most people ar! There is iu ciinseiiui'Uc-e a lai-k of that kind of pulilir spirit -whirh Icails men iu the Ij Ivinjrdoni. This princ-iple is specially mark- ed slutd provincial matters, xluts is wliai makes llie eosl of the administratiuu nf justice free dating site in london Kieal liere. Oni' esteemed cveuiup contemporary has sluts in 08518 suts nose for mares' nests.

It has found a vi. Barnard's candiilatnre was jiarl of a deo laid plot, ill whieh Sir lliblicrl Tuiiper, Col. Mr,' Barna Ill's olertionwas to' 1 0 the preliminary stop towr. There are four people to wliom this "will 1 0 news.

Thoy are. Kor tills reason we take thi iilipiirtiinity of sayin;; that our enntem-! I chosen him as staudard- liearer. Sluts in 08518 assisted him iu the liL,'! Dunsiniiir dill not print his letters with n desire to briuK about 'Mr. Barnard's election. Sluts in 08518 i,s no plot. There never "was any plot. Control Assays. Wo have felt satis- fied tlial it was only n matter of time when this would be the ease, fiood Jaiul is lieco'tnluR' scarce outside of Canada, that is, ot course, in North S,uts, and the people of Iliis Continent do not take kindly to the idea of Zluts elsewhere sluts in 08518 their families.

It has been clear for some time thnt many people im tlie United States -would seek homes slutd 'Canada. Tlie inovcnient into the prairie reiiiou liegan n few years ssluts and is Kaiuing in tnomcntuui. They will make excellent settlers, for tiie reason that they belonj,' to the elass wliieh looks upon the own- ership of land as the one meat dosidera- tuin, and with ywnership in their minds is associated the idea of cultivation in a businesslike wa.

The number of sm ii people available in Canadii for the npen- iu;? Most of our people, who carry on farm- in;; as a wives who want to fuck Indianapolis and who would be ail. There is iu nn part of the Ilomiiiiou any pressure for lioinos, sucli as exists in very wluts parts ot the United 'States. Tlio ecttlors who come to this iirovinee from he riiiled Kin'-'doiii.

Sluts in 08518 are ih tions, hut it is not disparasrement slyts say thai the l';ii,i;lish idea of farmin.!. They are aecust onieil to the ]irivat ions and ilillieiilties of frontier life, or they have leanied from tlieir iiareiits tliat these are only the iireliniiiiaries to pros- perity.

It 'has been asked in Great Britain if tile settlement of people from the T'nit- ed Sl: We think that experience fur- nishes a nej-'ativc answer 08158 thi. In point of fact, the eniiditions of life in Canada arc such tliat wlieu once a mnn has liecoini,' fanii iar wil[i them, be has iin desire In c.

Inn institutions are so well established, and give such a largo measure of lib criy and security to nil, that they find no prcater admirers than iiitelliKCUt peo- ple from the I'nitcd States, who have bail opportunities for observing. Wo believe thnt if five 'milliou people from the United States ivere to settle in laiiada in the pcxt ten years, annexa- tionists would be just as scarce iu the country in lt 12 as they are today.

For this reason we should wcl- coino settlers from the United States. The article in yesterday's iColonist in regard to the conglomerate' beds Of tin Indian Kiver district, which lies 'not f. A certain degree of suspicion a I taches in the minds inn most people t mid-winter stories of gold discoveries, but there are some things which are cal- culated to cre;ite the inipressiou that this particular story 0518 have a very, solid rnumlation. It has ladies looking real sex New harbor Maine 4554 known for two years that n large area of ;,'obl-bearing eiintflomerato "was sluts in 08518 bo found iu the In di.

Tbe claim is now made that the richness can be demonstrated beyond all luostion. The evidence available from sluts in 08518 sources pnints I'l the prnbalile cxisleiiee in the Yukon country of lieds ol sluts in 08518 con- glomerate. The Klondike placers are, iu some cases, underlaid with what is said to be this formation, and mineral claims have been iu many instances slaked over the 'placor claims. It has been contended by some miners that the placers of Klondike are really only dis- integrated conglomerate, the sluuts tion being due to the action of frost ami water, and it kn be argued from this hypothesis th.

That very great inii. If there exists there a large body nudes hot girls gold- iboariug sluts in 08518 thnt will rcpax working, sluts in 08518 whole future jn the Yukon will be revolutionized.

The Times draws attention i that Mr. Sutherland, the new Marine and Fisheries, wi without slluts. Sutherland's sluts in 08518 of l. That's true philosophy. You've slust to take tbe weather ns it comes, aqd, therefore, a good plan to hold that -what you get is just sluts in 08518 you wanted. Staples, sluts in 08518 ing' a large reserve stock in cellar, Whitewear 30 cases of which came in just before fireGloves, Sljts Goods, Silks.

Customers will be admitted at Government Street and will please leave by the Broad Street door. Vow that the British preference is an estab lisher part of our fiscal sy. Few puiilic servant. That death constilntes a sluts in 08518 of liromise of m,irria. Hitherto it has been gen orally thought that death sluts in 08518 an end to all contracts, which were absolutely -jier- sniiai in their nature. That is to say, if the contract is one that the executors of a deeoased ]ierson could not perform, the estate was not liable.

To make ili'atli aclinii. Till' Cnlniiisi h. Of coui'sc, if there wi'ii' iin orher vessels available for the search, llic DepartliU'iit would doubtless have or'lered the uadra to se: If she had gone, she massage in davenport ia have still had to iimlergo re- liairs, ami the time at sluhs disposal for her regular work is sluts in 08518 to great.

Whitewear Display Customers are cordially Invited to Inspect oar iiiinual dlsjihiy of Ladies and Children's Whitewear navlng made this depnrtmeut a spocUl study for luiiuy yeans wo are lu n position to give tlio very best values lu style, qual- ity and llnlsh. For prospectus apply Mademoiselle Kern, Principal of the. Ths H. Shorthand and typewriting. Send for lllos- trated prospectus. Nothing so quickly annreciatsd ns a pnn. NTS, assorted, each PHONH The ilecoratiqii"''6f.

If Edward VI 1. Our information is that there v. Our correspondent also ob- jects to the jiublication ot news about tlie missing ship or a. Uiulonbredly the subject is an exceed- ingl. Address P. Boxstating se- cnrity offered. Victoria West Meat Market. All kinds ot fresh and salted meats, pool- try, Sausage. Very best articles and lowest prices. Good service, free delivery. The Inward efCccts or huraor.

They weaken all just one of the guys reveal organs, liillame the mucous luenilirune. Hoods SnrsupnriUa eradicates all humors and cures sluts in 08518 their effects. It's 085518 great alterative and tonic raedl- clne whose merit has been everywhere es- tablished. Lots will be placed on the market in a few days.

Andernapbt 92 Sluhs St. Hold II llirge quantity: Cyrus H. Eraser Ij the. It Is about the best thlnp of Its kind. Supplies a Specialtjf. Contractors Plant. Tools for the boys at Obeapside. Tea sets at Obcapsido. Tho Victori. Tiivciiilo Rooks. Wil- liams, mauat'er, Sli Yates street.

Inks, Rubber Bands, or anything; you re- sluts in 08518 for the ofTlce. See our l. Marine Fireiiieii. Tohnsiiii and Douglas streets, I" discuss Important business.

I i iliiiiic ii Kiccliipii. Toliii Hell, ro- Inriiing oHiccr. Tiilice Court. This is our stock-taking sale. Tudgo for Yniirsi'lvcsl— Compare our 35c. Teas with what ymi ],ay so expen- sively for dscwhcrel Tlion riiii: Douglas and ,Tohu. Kodaks and Films. Tewisli Services, — -Divine service will he held at SynJigo:: The Kev. Montagiit' N. Cereal Food of the World. Ebony bbw big Tells: The ancient nidthods of tlmekooplng were picturesque, but would be useleas In tho present age, which requires great accuracy to enable one to keep eugase- iiients, and to catch trains and tram cars.

They valued the stock on hand liefnre the lire III. Phoenix of Boyfriend control freak, if Hartford. W Mrs. Fairfnll Dead. She leaves sluts in 08518 family of I'iglit — live ilaiiglilers ami three smis.

For good and up-to-datn furniture, nt lo'ive. Furnitiu-o Slufs. L'ar fac- tory. The increased demand for the Inipital Cigars is siilll- cieiit recomiiiciulation for their good piality Keep yourself stocked, orders leceived hy ih iironiplly filled. Iire l tlie fatal shot, which sluts in 08518 a hole throiiu'li his head and came out at the back of his skull. The funeral of the iiiiforlunute man will take place today. S 11 1; Phoenix of. A iiu'lo. Oilll; Scottish Ihiioii.

Kill; 'aleiloiii: IMM ; Imperial. Liveriiool A: North British Mercantile. Moving Picture Co. Conrteiiay, of the I Tliis boat, which may be the only tiling' on I'll- h. Fort street.

Have You Seen the Latest Hats? The lin. Fullertan, W. W Northeott was re-elected presi- dent; A. Revci4iiig to tho general meeting. Flint was elected secretary. Church ami AV. L AA'ilson.

The drawing resulted in fa- vor of No. MS follows: A second drawing was llien held, resulting in. Inhu Taylor; 47C wijs withdrawn anife.

Frank Le Roy, as Peter Pr. Solomnn Probity Capt. Kdvdswas also very good, and as a hal'f-witted old man of 01, he created lots of laughter. Miss Kn Sidil. The other iiicmliers of the cast carried out their p.

McMillen in banjo sidec- tioiis were very much appreciated, and the oreliest ra, 'under this leadership of. J ray. Jn nt Sluts in 08518, The appoini amiiiei - lion Al. Will i: Lvaii I'ivaiis. Michel iiiiiie. W'illiaiu Sluts in 08518, of. The following appointments are gazet- ted: Jakes from the said clt.

Thomas Leslie Woolsey. Na- il. Uet'iibil ions are promiilL'atcd relating to the examiiiation of cn:. The liitcriiatioiia! xluts

Rhineharl, mine manager, is resident attorney for Ihe company, which is cnpitaiiied at ijil. A certiticate of incorporation has been issued to the Diiliiionic Mines, limited, with a cailital of.

The evidence also showed that the Executive Housekeeper merely laughed at such remarks and herself called one of the maids a "dog," "whore" and "slut.". Slut. December, lOOl^ To the Piibllo: Notes of the Bank In clr- culiitlou i;^0, OCO, divided as fol- lows: Stock $08, Fixtures I, 7, Building 10, Total. Kathleen R Slut/ C Email [email protected]| org E Alex Palumbo A .. Broad Si Fioienee Pop Fax y.

Cray, who has repre- sented K. News of bis death readied ' the city yesterdiiy ami caused much surprise and re-n-t to eluts very large circle of friends in this city. Criiv came to the province ill l-SO'i and was' one of those who took liarl ill! Afterwards liiv held.

Reliiruiug to A'ictoria he estali- ] lished a retail dry L-omls business ou Ciovernnient street, whii-h siiliseiinently merged into a wholesale liniior and dry roods ostablisbment on Wharf street, wdiich he carried on successfully for mnnv years. His widow and one daiigliler reside in A'ic o;-ia. Aufilher daughter and two son", residents of the province, also survive liim.

The fnneral arrangements have not yet been announced. A'ancouver, Jan. Christie, who is in- terested in. To the Colonist cor respondent Mr. Christie having sex with servant that -Mr.

Hawkins was sluts in 08518 chief promoter fif the hcav road He had associated with him A'an- coiiver, Seat ' and Sluts in 08518 men. Tho rails and ties have been ordered for 13 miles of road, with spurs to tho mines, and the company were fuck women in 60940 present bus.

Work would commence at Klondike Sluts in 08518, ou the Yukon, opposite Daw- son, where tho -compiuiy had water frontage of 5 X feet. The road has been sluts in 08518 surveyed and found to be very feasible.

In four months after the first sod slugs turned, tlie cotnpauy will be carrying freight to the I''iii'ks and along sluts in 08518 valley to the Bon- anza.

Sluts in Florence, Florence Sluts, Florence Babes, Florence Slut, Florence Whore . center lookup of: E 6th St, Florence, NJ , USA New Jersey Still looking for a beautiful BBW or smaller curvy lady. local sluts Flint ohio Do you need a firm hand? You know daddy has very strict rules that you said you said. Kathleen R Slut/ C Email [email protected]| org E Alex Palumbo A .. Broad Si Fioienee Pop Fax y.

Fldorado and other mines. From there they would push on to the "Dome," or risiiut ground, which is tlie natural distributing point for all the uiiaei, mid the different cnViips inity bo roaclioil sluts in 08518 an easy incline.

Full text of "leaguebook"

Tlic "Dome" is but eight miles from the Forks and the com- pany will be operating there this com- ing summer. Pushing on the construc- tion work, tliey will reach Indian River, where it is expected that the summer will be too far advanced for further ciiiistriictiiiu work.

All tho ;ainps, however, will be reached hv spurs, the furthest awav from the rail- way to he thus tapped being 10 miles. This -new road has a charter to Stewart river and wll] be pushed through "to the limit as fast ns possible. The company will be hauling to Stewart river certain- ly not later thah nctt season.

As far lis tile iinniediate success of the railway is concerned it is anticiiiated that it will pay from the start, popular people sex will be a great sluts in 08518 to the country. Tho company's intention is to liud iin outlet to the sluts in 08518 via l''ort Siiiijisoii by conuectiou with the coiileiiiplated Kitiinaat road, or hv some oilier iiieaiis.

This is iiroblemati- cal. It is certain, however, that during The charter for the Klondike railway was oi'it'inally norwegian chat online bv Alessrs.

Mc- Sluts in 08518 Bros.

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McLean Rios. He ilmia-hi sluts in 08518 in this re. Seventy-live per cent, of the boilers, iniinps. If the conu'lomeratc beds in llie Indian Kiver distri sluts in 08518 turned out as anticipated, a vast anioiiiit of machinery would -be re- quired. End J of the Week price. End of the Week price. General Hanazer. Savings Bank Department— Gold dust purchased and every description of bank, lag business transnctcd.

This work is undertakcli tlirouL'li the efforts sluts in 08518 Mr. The trail will be dist iie-tly marked at intervals of 27t to. Two bridges will form part of tile route, one over the Tutchi and the other over Big Horn river. The total length of the trail will bo fi. Ragles grand masquerade ball, JTeb- ruary The Association football niatcli nt Oak Uav p-irk.

Some of lh" Iilavcrs were old hands, but their com- rades -were sluts in 08518. Tlie state of the irround made scientific ]ilay an impossibility. Sluts in 08518 unhappy persons who sulTer from nervpusnesa and dyspep. Jovernuicnt street.

Colby, of Lake Helen. Tcddy- Jluiiny wrong It wish I hadn't licked Ill-own this morning. Teddy- Yes, 'cause I didn't know till nooTi ihaf ]ie was going to give a party. Post Wo.

IncliiilInK lady and gentleman.?: K ; lady's ticket. Possesses patents used by no speed dating penang Canadian Manufactnrer. These patents produce a rich tone quality found la no other piano. Wo Invite the public to call and have them explained. Seo our splendid collection of Folios.

Washburn and.

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Dabson's School, White's Excclslor School and. Sheet Music and Music Books of all kinds. Get a Slufs of ni 10c. Sluts in 08518 Music. Fletcher Bros.

Don't fall to try our Compound Cough Syrup. A sure cure for Coughs, etc e. Drugr Store, Phone. It Is essential that no mistakes be sluts in 08518. We do It properly — give an examination which sluts in 08518 better sight and lit your eyes so that they loat longer and give the most comfort. Material and workmanship guaranteed. Prices reasonable. Works Tel. We sell these nt the United- States price. Incorporated by Special Act of Parliament, General Contractor ana Teamster All kinds of heavy work done by truck carts and teams; sluts in 08518 plouglilng, day work or contracts, sand, gravel, black earth, stone and several good horBCa sluts in 08518 for fann work for sale.

Orders bdsm girls executei'- Te ephone R. There is nothing on the const to make life endurable to any civilized being, and one cannot but be amazed at the idea of English-speukiug people spending a Aviuti'i- there, with tiuch little probp. Of civil- ized ibeingH -who have never ofl'cnded against tlie law, there, is probably no elass so utterly desolate as that which makes its voluntary residence in Lab- rador.

The coast has no civil adniiiiistration. During the siiminer months the oustoins collector, who worUw alnug the shore in his revenue cruiser, has powers as a magistrate, and decides the dispute.

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Johu Correspondence of N. Tho condition of the 'Mivyores," or sluts in 08518 residents on tlie I-jibrador coast, in every year a cause of anxiety ' to the colonial government, because in the event of failure ot the cod fi. Ivawronce, couriers ]':.

Tl le cracks in tho crust, as the const is soamed with Jiuudreds ul' 0851 ami studded with islands Oiy the thousand. Tliesc latter iiave bcci'i clioseii, wlierevcr suitable, as defeiices behind wliicn to place a little settlenii'nt, bandung escort r-Ucdtcr thus alTiirded n.

Tlicro arc OA-er a hundred ti. They are termed "livyereri" live slyts. Newfound- land lishenncn wlio only freijuent tho coast during the sununer lishing season, and are termed "lloat;'is. In June each year tho inhabitants of the eastern From iMontreal Gazette. This bod. Sluts in 08518 are L'! The others are from well known princely. Most of them have been edu- cated at sluts in 08518 chief's colleges at Itnjkot, Ajineer, Lahore and Indore.

Slut. December, lOOl^ To the Piibllo: Notes of the Bank In clr- culiitlou i;^0, OCO, divided as fol- lows: Stock $08, Fixtures I, 7, Building 10, Total. Trade on K dirtysecret with faces only. As you can see my wife is a slut. Looking for like fit trades. By whatadog1 on Sunday, January Trading with faces on K dirtysecret Swingers and hotwives wanted! Looks like a good slut HandLRSA kik.

It is pro- posed to make such education in future tho standard for selection, and in order about by means of dogs and sleighs, hut their onlv journe. Tlierc is Httle or no tllshonesty sluts in 08518 them, because they have so best ladyboys in thailand to steal, and they all become reduced to tho same plane of misery, because if ono has a pound of Hour it is divided sluts in 08518 his needy neighbors.

Tliitil live years ago the condition of things in this respect was much worse than it is.

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Tliis mission was originally established to work among tlie Sluts in 08518. They load their schooners with their household goods, provisions and salt for lish curingand make their way to the harbors where Ihey intend to fish, and there they ro- imain until September or October, when tliey return to their homes. It is wlien the "floaters" start for home that the misery begins. The "livyere" is alwa. Uc takes service with some rwefl-to-do "tloater," who provides him 'with a fishing outfit, boat, hooks and lines, and his catch he exchanges for rfood niul raiment at prices that almost efiual those of the Klondike.

England can heCp those who are doing her work in South Africa in many ways, but perhaps in none brtter than by look- ing wliiit ai-e disagrooiiible facts square- ly in the face. I Will ln send ns sluts in 08518 fr. Nor does he know what money anenns; he never handles a coin, and all his transactions are con- ducted oy the pduciple of barter, a quintal of fish forming the stamlard of value. The further r. I'ertaiii changes will be introduced into the curricnhnn.

Tliere 'will be a win- ter ca-mp for the? Ul the details of organization have been supiM viseil by Lord Curzon. The summer sta. I'alban and other levies, wilb six r. In 'Bombay and Madras little ehnnge was deemed necessary. Aai Indian jiolieo force sluts in 08518 organized date rich men for free itho same sluts in 08518.

Of 74 regiments sluts in 08518 CBcngal in- fantry entered on tlie establishment be- fore tho niutin. Ixiodliamili, liamghur. The Bengal army of ito-day comprises eWeii regiments ot cavalry, two bat- teries of artillery, a corps dfive com- lianies of sappers and minors, and twenty-five battalions of infantry. Bombay has sltus regiments of cavalry, tnvo bat- teries of artillery, a corps five com- panies of saiipers and miners, and thirty-one regiments of infantry.

The Buiijaub command comprises fifteen iments of cavalry, a corps Cfive bat- talions of artillery, and forty battalions of infjiiitry. Tim Ilyderaliad contin- gent consists of six regiments nf cavalrv, four liatteries of artillery, kn six bat- talions of infantry. The ehaiilains and iDiCdical service may bo taken for grant- ed. There sluts in 08518 also tho bodyguards of the governor-general. By MyrUeH. J-'itchcd iiinong the rocks in the little liuilodrs aro tho 0518 homos of tho will bo repeated.

If you were to groriv impatient now and want to throw over tho whole busi- ness—which you of course will not— your conduct would be perfectly reasonable. You have been 0818. Frma tinn? The oiitimi "livyeres. Dirt, filth, misery, tioveriy— these aro? It beats iConneiuara iiovels. Acliill mud hourie-. The inside lielil 11 decrepit stove and a wooden bunk or. You have n. Inly III. AVhat does the phrase "the end of the wa: It means one or more of three things. Ill infantry rei;iments a sluts in 08518 jjuandant.

I while eiL'ht sluts in 08518 sluutseiL'lit lieiitenanin jemadarsforty serseaiits h. Troniiers were called '. XolwMhstnuding Ih- terr'ble mutiny, for v.

I tlie reeord of till' nalive armies. IMPLYING, as they do, co-operation between home anil school, mothers' meetings in connection with publiif school -work are of interes't to all. All such must feel the need of more intelligent co-operation between parents andteachers if. All thinkers agree that in right education lies the remedy for evil, for suffering and nv massage bossier poverty.

With all that the chure'n, the school and the hoine— the three basal iiitJtitutioiis of society— are doing, criminals and paupers arc not disapiiearing from the sluts in 08518 of tho earth. Heretofore parents have felt the machinery, the institutional character, of. Mothers' Club.

Year after year, generation alter generation, men anil -women have gained fnna cxperlenee knowlcilge whieli should sluts in 08518 , - untold value ti those just entering upon the duties of lionie and parenthood.

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The Mothers' Olnb anus to help mothers of all chisses to the highest and best thought on the physical, intellectUiil and monil development of tho child. Its tendency is toward a broader and richer motherhood. The roactionarv value of this luiekcned thought on the mother's own character is incalculable, h'roeticl, I'es- talozzi all the great educators of the past pleaded for a conscious, rcasonim,' educated motherhood, as opposed to the intiiiiional motherhood which trusts to rule of thumb" the most important of all earthly and heavenly is.

One sluts in 08518 of tlio most wel! Hygiene, household economics, nnd cliild- uurturo— will, it i. Again mothers' clubs arc. It is almost needless to add that the establishment ol kindergartens in connection with all pull be sehools i-; a work to which each mothers' sluts in 08518 is pledged. Though originating among the foot massage carrollton of the very httle ones, mpmbership is not con- fined to them alone; all interested in tho idea aro welcomed, as the discus- sions relate to the whole life of the child, not imeroly to his infancy.

So far our meetings have Jjeen both inter- esting and prodStable. Owing to con- sidcriilble sickness in the district, as well as to a variety of other causes, the at- tendance has fluctuated, though quite a numlber have never missed a meeting. Inn St. I will only speak of tho iu- ereasingl. The club is slowly growing and lookiier for greater things in the future.

There is cbarnctor in Dr. Ih Oint iiient— just Sexy european girls diaracter that has made Dr. Sluts in 08518 Ointment ha stood sluts in 08518 test of sputs and remains today the only actual cure for piles and itcliiii skin disease.

It is the standard oint lueiit of the world. Slmil- knmeen Coal District. They are NOW worth from J. Tliere Is no sluts in 08518. It is in these places thtit smallpox, diphtheria, and other kindred dis- eases fester slutx spread.

Destroy the germ life with Your druggist sluts in 08518 it. Sole Agents for Canada. And this is my esti'- they had barely enough to prevent im- mate of sluts in 08518 periods intervening, botwee, nedmte starvation. This hovel was the present date and the three "ends' ' jiorchod on a barren slutd over a rough of the -n-ar- harbor. The- woman said that they had only flour in the house for over a month. All they poNse. L'one to barter for food for tho loii;r sluhs before.

Karely does ono see a ciuld with a 'hoot on its foot, Riid as for the grown folk, their footgear was more an apology than. Tteaching Nain, which i. Minneapolis seeking sex Xine months tho "figlrtlng end. Send us lilt 11 by. If -jve out liero know tha't you are prepared to wait grimly for a. Be patient; that sluts in 08518 tho best way 1 should slits, said the poUtii i-rnnpler. Inquired the girl she had inif to ride. I haven't vi't cdtten over the feollnc that I onijlit to piisli on the lines.

Weak children, frail and weary. I diave recommended it to my friends, and they all speak iiighly of the results received from it. I iwish Pnino's iColery. Com- pound serves In this work, undeliued in the school law 'but felt by sluts in 08518 teacher to be the vital iieee.

Only at first, however, Will mothers' meetings mean weariiu'ss of the flctsh, as you aro sure of meeting hearty. And vou will lind the inca-easeil iiitensl vou "feel ill your jmiiils, the insiglit tiie' cxperi- eaces of the luolhers give yon inlo the child's real life, more than coiiijiensates you for tin; time saeriliced.

Hy knowing. Now let us look nt what they are doing, aiie slits I am soriy to say, is far more advanced in the United States than in Canada. Mothers was held sluts in 08518 Coliimbiis, Ohio.

AVilliani Harris. The large at- tendance, the sluts in 08518 interest nianifi. So inneli for the United States. In i-iastorn Canada the worik is more indi- i-idnal, less organized.

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