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It turns out no one can ingest so much os and stay aliveā€”not even a pound black Baer from Georgia. Later dubbed Pablo Escobear, the bear was on his usual walk-around through the woods in Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest in Decemberdoing ordinary bear things like back-scratching mature Jurien Bay sex a tree or looking for food for the harsh winter ahead, when the Bear ga head is looking of apples or a river full of fish, he stumbled upon 40 plastic bags full of the purest cocaine there was and, hungry as it was, he ate it all up, down to the last speck.

Beqr He was not looking for trouble, yet Pablo could not get enough of the star-spangled powder. He died on the spot. When he did the autopsy, he confirmed what was suspected.

The animal was deemed to have suffered an uncomfortable end: You name it, that bear had it. The death naturally raised questions and was reported by every major newspaper in the United States.

After all, it was the strangest drug overdose ever encountered. How did it come to this?

Among the first to report the story about the coke-eating bear was The New York Times on December 23, At the time they were looking for cocaine Beqr they believed was missing.

Instead, they found an overdosed bear.

In he was one of 20 people arrested in Fresno for grand theft and gun trafficking, as well as planning to import a ton of marijuana across the border. Naturally, they wished to get as many of his collaborators as possible, so Thornton was allegedly released but closely watched.

shemale dance club Induring one of his fly-over operations, this suspected drug the Bear ga head is looking had a problem with the engine of his private jet and was forced to leave it mid-air.

His parachute evacuation went awry so, instead of a safe landing, he turned up dead in Knoxville with 70 pounds of cocaine as proof of his suspected wrongdoings.

The poor bear became known as the largest consumer in the Bluegrass Conspiracy, considered to be the biggest drug smuggling chain at the time in America. No one could let a cocaine eating bear go unnoticed.

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Today, after three decades, the preserved bear has been seen by thousands. Related story from us: They outlived him, made Colombia their home.

They wish to spread good stories about the amazing place they call home, one of which is the story of the undisputed drug eating champion of the world, Pablo Eskobear, who these days is displayed in the heart of the Kentucky Fun Mall in north Lexington for everyone to see. Mar 14, Martin Chalakoski.

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Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest.