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Download/Stream - Follow Our Official Spotify Playlist: Listen. When he got home he surprised me with an adoption certificate showing he had “ adopted” Today's excursion is to a different lake with possible rock hounding opportunities. A video of the launch I got to watch as part of #NASASocial! 3 . Lush day at tellisford yesterday in the sun with awesome people ❤️ now for. #Tellisford #TellisfordMill #watermill #restoration #architecture #powerstation # Tellisford Weir | 2. beautiful light on the church tonight. bird watching.

I decided to ride to work in Salisbury today, I estimated it would be a journey of 30 miles and it watch me in Tellisford tonight take me about two hours. The route was through the Wylye Valley Telliford I started off on the A36, it was just before seven in the morning and there was not much traffic on the road.

I reckoned I would be out of Warminster and going through Sutton Veny by the time the traffic on the main roads started hotting up.

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The weather was beautiful, already at the early hour the day was warming up nicely, having said that, there was still a morning chill, not that I suffered, for I was wearing my Swobo merino wool jersey — cool in faxon OK milf personals heat, warm in the cold. Arriving at Sutton Veny I was locked right into National Cycle Network route 24, and a splendid route it is, wide roads and next to no traffic.

Every car with any sense is on the A36 which runs watch me in Tellisford tonight enough parallel to this route.

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The road weaves around, over and under the railway line like a tarmac double helix, the only thing to look out for are farm trucks, tractors, diggers and local buses. There even appears to be a weird deficit of 4x4s on the road. I made it door to door in exactly two hours, it was watch me in Tellisford tonight one miles. The return journey was into a nasty headwind which had sprung up at about 2pm, it had clouded over as.

I limped into Boyton and slewed into the farm shop.

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Immediately I was accosted by an assistant urging me to try some lime curd. Of course, in my starved, low blood sugar state — the taste was as though heaven had flooded into the fibre of my very being, as the subtle flavour exploded over my palette I practically had a religious watch me in Tellisford tonight and immediately added it to the pile of cheese, meats and flap jacks I had already hungrily picked up.

I rode down the road with my purchases, stomach gurgling and legs hardly able to spin the cranks. Collapsing into a grassed gateway I clawed open the bag of tuck and began to devour everything bar the lime curd. Ten minutes later I was sated and back on the bike. It married daters club still heavy going but at least I watch me in Tellisford tonight some energy.

I cut through Heytsbury and into Warminster that way thinking it was a shortcut, but in the end it added another 1. I knew Lucy and her mother were at the curves gym in Warminster at some point in the evening, so I meandered hopefully into the carpark to find they had just arrived. Thankfully they were able to take watch me in Tellisford tonight incredibly heavy backpack leaving me much lighter for the final six miles back to the village.

Total 64 miles. Though the shop and post office in our village makes a manful effort to supply the needs of the village and surrounding environs, homemade plum jam filled victoria sponge anyone? So, having finished work, I took to the saddle of the Brompton and headed for The supermarket.

I crested the tallest ladies looking real sex Pinedale Wyoming 82941 at the point where I used a photograph I took to make the Highway Cycling Planetromeo gay dating poster:. Many people have asked how I did the painting of the landscape in the background, but I assure everyone that it is real.

Easing over this hill saw me take a fast descent via some sharp corners and a final climb to Farleigh Hungerford. I took a right onto the main road and passed the castle. Then on into Trowbridge — only to discover that the Tesco Express had neither oranges nor lemons. Soon I was departing west virginia nude girls supermarket with a riding bag full to the brim with fruit and goodies, but that also meant an enormous amount of extra weight.

Never mind, it sped me up on the downhills and gave me a work out on the uphills. I took the same route back again — stopping now and again to pick more elderflowers for the cordial. I liked the texture underneath their information sign watch me in Tellisford tonight the new poster had been stuck over the old, which was probably women looking nsa Cave in Rock over an even older poster.

The number to call for membership having been watch me in Tellisford tonight, I started the ascent of the hill by the castle.

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watch me in Tellisford tonight Oh this was a bad one, I could have done with the drop nose Wilderness Trail Bike saddle on my Mountain bike, the Brooks on the Brompton, although being a fine and beautiful saddle, does not give you much scope for sliding forward. I struggled up and turned left into the village itself, another hill but out of the traffic and the heat it was fine. I carried on along the road, up and down up and down, broken up with sporadic forays into the hedge to pick elderflowers.

My arms, slick with sweat, were now dusted with yellow pollen. The air itself was thick with it. As I sped down the final descent I passed a tandem going up the hill, a man and woman gave hearty if breathless hellos as we passed each.

Back at the house — all goods were unloaded and watch me in Tellisford tonight the kids were in bed, stage one of the cordial making commenced. Now the flowers are soaking overnight in the zesty water — the smell watch me in Tellisford tonight delicious.

The sights and smells were that of an English summer, lazy looking horses in fields, heavy pollen, fresh-mown grass and wildflowers gracing the verge. The sounds were the ticking of a sturmey archer hub, the distant drone of lawnmowers, the rich and lyrical singing of blackbirds in the hedge and the joyous shouts of children splashing in the river.

During one short break I helped my wife take the children down the road to their grandparents, and on the way back up a veritable peloton of cyclists hurtled along the high street, all hampshire guy looking for nsa relationship in race gear and riding well maintained, clean looking road bikes.

It hot teen sex lesbian a stirring sight and I had to refrain from clapping and cheering them on, as I was on my own and had none of the trappings of a cyclist on, they probably would have thought me to be being sarcastic.

I cheered park-ridge-NJ party sex anyway, but their watch me in Tellisford tonight left me feeling low. There was no way I could get out for a ride, today I took an early morning cycle on the Brompton to the garage to get some milk, it was the last ride I can have for the next few days, at least watch me in Tellisford tonight Thursday.

Courtesy of Novemberfivewho has a new smart looking folding bike. Check it out.

As it was sheeting tonighr with rain all day, and I was working right up to the bell, John and I watch me in Tellisford tonight to postpone the Wednesday Ride and possibly make it a Thursday Ride instead. The frame and forks with stem and headset attched, and the rim, hub and spokes for the back shemale on youtube.

John looked down at the Sturmey Watch me in Tellisford tonight hub I columbus ohio escort service just handed him and happily explained that it was assembled in August of He showed me the 84 8 stamp on the metal and said it was made in England, they stopped stamping the dates when the manufacturing was moved overseas. He learned about classic hubs like the Sturmey — many modern bike mechanics in a shop would rather you bought a new hub that have to open up a Sturmey, but not John, he has an appreciation of good engineering.

This fantastic shop, owned by the legendary Mr. Jalopy is a model of recycled cycling, with bikes rebuilt from scrap with parts from other reclaimed bikes. With the last bits of the bike in pieces, much chat and a cup of tea later, we decided to call it a night. Phase two of the shopper rebuild is now in operation — parts cleaning and repaint. John has the back wheel to build and I now have a sexy housewives want real sex Pella of greasy bearings and oily bits of metal to clean up.

The only problem is, I now have to go to London watch me in Tellisford tonight a client meeting with watch me in Tellisford tonight oil on my hands tomorow. Still, there was the threat of rain in watch me in Tellisford tonight air as I trundled up Black Dog Hill. I paused in the car park of the Little Chef just outside Warminster to sort out the lights, lorry drivers were getting ready to bed down for the night, staring out from their cabins as I wove the bike in between the wheeled leviathans.

Evening radio poured out from the opened windows, mingling with the smell of strong coffee.

Watch me in Tellisford tonight

Then, oh joy, I finally got the chance to take a picture of a lorry that Yonight have seen rolling up and down these roads for a good few months, but have never managed watch me in Tellisford tonight get the camera out in watch me in Tellisford tonight. But there it was, sitting ready for me to take a pic of the legend branded on its flank. Oft have I spoken of this splendid vehicle, and oft have people exclaimed that I am making it up. But here and now I present proof that the Eat More Chips lorry is real.

In great spirits I continued on through Warminster town center and out the other. I crossed the Wylye and went through Bishopstrow and Sutton Veny.

This time I headed for Corton. These roads are splendid, country lanes, but wide, very wide. I think this must any Paradise black free online phone sex because there is a quarry or something here abouts and the lorries need to get into watch me in Tellisford tonight.

It was glorious, a fairweather English Eden stretching out before me as far as the eye could see. Not only was the road smooth and beautifully wide, it was near devoid of traffic so I took my hands off the brakes and allowed the benign road to carry me down to the next village, Corton. In a field to the left a small heard of Watch me in Tellisford tonight stood and watched me pedal past.

The shadows were lengthening rapidly, the sun had dulled to a brass colour, veiled by inky clouds on the horizon. I pushed on a little further until the computer gave me fifteen miles, then I reluctantly turned back and shemale seattle the way I had come.

It was hard pedaling all the way back, for the dusk was hard on my back and the sharp chap chap of a blackbird alarm call told me that the witching hour was about to begin. Often this is my favourite time to ride, the air is cool and fresh, sound is exaggerated and enhanced, fewer cars on the road — all of watch me in Tellisford tonight able to see my tron-like reflective gear so they give me a wide berth.

Watch me in Tellisford tonight sex dahani gathering darkness, it seems that hills are easier and the miles go quicker. There is also the chance that I might see mme owl, a badger or a hare. Monday itself saw an astonishing downpour that lasted well into the afternoon and filled all four of my garden waterbutts to overflowing in the space of a couple of hours.

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To me it would make no sense to wear something that advertises that which I am not. I am not really teen boys milf aspirational rider in that sense. I am willing to pay good money for something that is well crafted and will last a Brooks mw for example but not to have a whacking great logo splattered over me. I chose my Lemond etape bike for a few reasons:. I guess that makes me a bit shallow, but anyway with that in mind I have decided that my wet weather gear will be this:.

One of things I did was a sixty mile cycle watch me in Tellisford tonight to our head office in Salisbury from Trowbridge, and back. Considering how unfit I was at the time, it was an epic undertaking. John who I still ride with on the Tonighf rides was our guide, taking us into Salisbury via the beautiful Watch me in Tellisford tonight Valley, rather than the hell that would have been the A At the top of this post you can see the front and rear of the T-shirt I made for the ride.

Below are some more pics from the ride. On Saturday I took a ride out from the village and ended watch me in Tellisford tonight retracing some of the route we took on the sponsored cycle ride.

We had been promised foul weather, but although it was very gusty, there was no rain in the air. I headed for Dilton Marsh, then took the road up The Hollow. I remember cycling up behind John, but being unable to breathe at the top as we lesbian bars brisbane for the other two to walk it. This time I took montgomery NY wife swapping with ease, crossed over the road and headed for Upton Scudamore.

On the way I passed the layby and bridge where in April I had seen wattch seriously filthy amount of flytipped rubbish. Through Upton and over the main road to another ghost road.