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Who falls in love first man or woman

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And men? Men are. Any woman who's been in a relationship, however, knows this image of the woman is completely falsified.

What's the truth? According to Marissa Harrison, a psychologist from Pennsylvania State University, women are much more cautious when it comes to love and men have a tendency to fall in -- hard and fast.

But the real question we have is: Why are men falling in love faster than women? For all the women out there who've been in a relationship and witnessed the beautiful and surprising transformation of a calloused bachelor into a gushing, love-sick mess, you already understand why men lr much harder than women.

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Women may have a harder time with the chase, but men have a harder time with the hold. Unlike women, who are taught to question every thought and feeling, men go with their gut and trust it instinctively.

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Thus, men don't second-guess when they're in love. Women have close, emotional connections with one another all the time.

The friendship between women is a very deep and passionate one. The two-headed monster has a lot to gain from the relationship.

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By Lauren Martin. Men are the same way.

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Men are much more territorial than women. They like to display ownership and power, while also relinquishing all their emotional control. They have two heads to think.

Men, on the other hand, "claim" women both mentally and sexually. About Contact Newsletter Terms Privacy.