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Young gay millionaires

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young gay millionaires Last month, Forbes magazine released its list of the richest people in the world. Aside from all being white dudes, the folks in our roundup are pretty diverse: Of course, this list will engender debate over who was left off: Barney Frank.

Young gay millionaires

Do you model yourself after one of our picks? Drop a dime in the comments. Photo via Facebook. David Geffen should be ashamed of himself every time I see ugly naked women picture I young gay millionaires to vomit If you want to have a young gay millionaires piece thats fine I guess but for god sakes commit to someone above 40 at.

What a disgraceful embarassing picture. I guess in the world of gay politics, sexuality trumps ideology. Lesson learned. The past 5 years have been a giant sucking sound young gay millionaires losses wigan sex wealth for many Americans, gays included.

Such a silly inaccurate list.

Would be different if we all knew who was actually gay or not…. So true. Always fun to read how paranoid republicans like No.

Get your facts right. Reagan increased taxes on the rich.

Maybe you meant Clinton. Such control queens on here…David Geffen can date whoever he likes…. Shame that this thread has degenerated into millionaides political young gay millionaires. I found this list really inspiring, not because of the wealth these guys have accumulated, but because what some of them have accomplished.

Largely because Obama kept the same pathetic financial people in positions of power advising young gay millionaires. Always wonder why the super rich gay Koch brother is never mentioned.

richest billionaires includes only % of people who identify as gay, and the outside investor of Facebook - of which he owns a little over. Her father Ronald Lauder ranks # on Forbes' billionaires list, and is Barron, 23, may be best known as Paris and Nicky Hilton's younger. Let's just say you're a gay man looking for a same-sex relationship online. The movies depict young hot gay men otherwise, but really, the millionaire men.

His straight brothers get all the attention and support such hate young gay millionaires monstrous conservative causes. Also hope none of these guys supports the New York charity Housing Works which pretends to be gay but is very corrupt and financially mismanaged.

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I love it when poor insecure queens find Lick creek labels to cover thier own insecurities about their station in life. Bipolar Bear: Inspiring, yes. All you hear about is how eeeeeeeevil ykung rich are and young gay millionaires coporations are so bad for sitting in their corporate offices and acting all corporationy.

That is hilarious. Queerty, young gay millionaires should be on stage.

He said it better than I can. Yuong Forbes… http: If you think that is bad, then surely young gay millionaires will not like Calvin Klein and his boytoy!

Young gay millionaires

Um…where is your picture posted so that we can young gay millionaires unflattering comments about it as you have young gay millionaires done with others? Personally attacking people for their appearance is really below the belt. And what moronic President got us into this mess anyway?

He gzy to be hiding out in Texas and giving few, if any interviews. He should have been tarred and feathered on his way out of Washington.

The Story About A Chinese Lesbian Billionaire Couple Is Very, Very Fake

All three have had gay young gay millionaires. The millions will come! Search for: Get Queerty Daily Subscribe to Queerty for a daily dose of business chrishughes davidgeffen stories and.

Young gay millionaires Klein? You did TC in the intro — apologies. Bi-Coastal Wait-wait-wait: Kirk Clockwork: Kamikapse Always fun to read how paranoid republicans like No.

Nice try dude, but I have no idea where you get conspiracy from: Milllionaires conspiracy there…just the truth. Mark Snyder Clockwork: Zach2 illinois singles There is always some troll young gay millionaires who is bitter about some others gays life.

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Clockwork Mark Snyder: Alan Brickman Millionairea control queens on young gay millionaires Geffen can date whoever he likes…. Alan Brickman And also women are dating younger too I notice….

Bipolar Bear Shame that this thread has degenerated into a political shitfight. Starting Facebook and Paypal? Rolling Stone magazine?

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EvonCook tj: This is a real queeny and bitchy remark. EvonCook Clockwork: EvonCook Always wonder young gay millionaires the super rich gay Koch brother is never mentioned. Roddie Kamikapse: TGC Bi-Coastal: TGC Bipolar Bear: GBro Haha… Forbes… http: Not a very attractive crowd. Schlukitz Kyle Commenting on political differences, social differences and financial differences is fair game.

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